Sunday, December 29, 2013

Foujita, again

I am back in Berlin, back in my beloved house, and boy has that house gotten a lot of attention since we came home.
We spent most of the day yesterday vacuuming, scrubbing, doing laundry, basically cleaning the crap out of this place.
Visitors are arriving today, and i like the house to be clean for guests, although i probably would have wanted to clean anyway after a week away.

While in the country, i finished the biography i'd been reading about Foujita, so it seems fitting to post a few more shots of my diorama.
Yes, i know i already posted a bunch... but these are analog and stuff!
Anyway, it was a fascinating read about a fascinating person, but it still left me wanting to know more.

Tomorrow i'll be heading down to the photo store with my Bisserup films, so expect cattle and fishing boats in the near future.

Ok, back to cleaning.
No, we're not quite done yet, and i'm loving it.
Not necessarily the cleaning part, but running around the house, doing random minor decorating, making everything all nice... love it.
Yeah, it's pretty good to be back.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Christmas post, because it's Christmas

I know this hasn't been the best year to be an Untitled Blog reader.
Although it's been a super exciting year for me, i haven't had much time for documenting it, so posts have been few and far between, sometimes as few as one post a month.
And to be honest, they probably haven't been my best work either.

But as the seemingly endless renovation work started to slow down, the posting started to pick up, and although i still sometimes feel like i'm too busy to keep up with regular blogging (at least regular as i used to define it), i'm starting to enjoy taking time for it again.

I'll probably never get back to the way it was in the early years, with at least one post a day, but i like where the blog is at now.
It's like half pretty pictures and somewhat decent writing, and half utter crap.
Much like myself and my life, so that works for me.

Next year, i am hoping to share more of my creative endeavors.
I hope to be less shy about posting artwork, even if it is all progress and learning curve stuff.
I remind myself that i used to be so insecure about posting my analog photos, that i almost couldn't bring myself to create a label called "photography"!
Pretty ridiculous when i think about it now, but i am still very much like that in a lot of ways.
But i want this blog to continue to be the place i feel safe to express myself, so i'm gonna try to be better at that.
Less holding back!

Ok, that was the Official Christmas Rant, and it counts as the Official New Years Rant too, cause we are having a lot of visitors around New Years, and i don't think there's time for more ranting.

Thanks for sticking with me during this boring blog year, i promise to make the next year a little more interesting, if you promise to keep reading.

Monday, December 23, 2013

More countryside catch-up

No, i haven't gotten more articulate since my last post, but i will blog anyway, darn it!
I've been taking so many pictures since arriving in Denmark, and i'm thinking that if i don't post some of these old drafts, i probably never will.
So i'm basically doing exactly the opposite of what i said i was gonna do yesterday.
Yup, sounds about right!

Here are some iPhone shots from the last couple of weeks or so.
I did some surprise gardening, went to the Christmas market with my two friends named Wendy Pham (nope, no relation), got a lot of presents from my amazing husband (seriously though, he's the best), did a bunch of reading and walking and... the usual, i guess.

That's about as Christmas-y as the apartment got this year (the shop is slightly more festive)

I never thought i'd grow a normal sized potato, much less grow it in December!

I've been baking regularly and i'm pretty proud of myself for keeping it up

My winter book-stack keeps growing taller and taller cause my awesome husband keeps buying me awesome books (although i did buy these ones myself)


My favorite spot on the otherwise less than charming Potsdamer Strasse


Happy bear at the Christmas market

One of the two Wendies about to eat a Quarkbällchen or something like that (we basically ate our way through that market!) 

Lovely day for a trip to the city

Lucifer trapped in a vintage toy windowsill of emotion

Someone moved into the garden... judging by the size i'm guessing either rat or very fat mouse?

Another Christmas calendar present; this one is as much for him as it is for me, but i don't mind

And another book, this one is from the used bookstore next door that sometimes have English titles, and it's really pretty

Long walk last week, shopping for presents


Long leg warmers (also from Allan) are pretty great when your jeans are more hole than fabric 

Huh, that wasn't so bad!
I mean, the writing, sure, but posting old stuff even if i wasn't in the mood for it was kind of ok.
But i am already looking forward to getting back home so i can get my films developed.
Nature overload coming up!


I just started and scrapped about four different drafts in as many minutes, so writing apparently isn't a thing that's working for me today.
Maybe because i am in Denmark, full of fresh experiences, but i'm trying to write something that relates to pictures taken weeks or months ago?
That might be it.

Lately i've been writing a lot, but only in my head.
It's always in the minutes after going to bed, right before falling asleep, and always when it's too late to get up and write it down.
And it's good!
Like, at least better than the crap i've been posting here lately, so yeah... annoying.

Last night i finished a biography on one of my favorite artists, and today i went to a museum to see the real life paintings of another favorite artist of mine.
I've also spent time with my family, and gotten to spend a bit of time in nature, so i'm pretty full of the feelings.
They're good ones, though, mostly.
I feel inspired to paint and take pictures and dress better and generally just be more awesome.

These pictures are from me and Allan's Schöneberg wilderness adventure (briefly mentioned here) back in November.
We rode our bikes there and it was far.
Our neighborhood is huge!
We rode past IKEA, through this weird suburban area that kind of reminded me of the Danish suburb of Albertslund for some reason, only with more cute little allotment houses, and ended up in an abandoned railway area that has been growing wild for a couple of decades.

It wasn't a crazy awesome place, but it was fun going on a photo adventure with Allan, even if it was a bit difficult talking him into going somewhere with just... trees.
One treehugger per family. Is that a rule or something?
Lucifer enjoyed it too, which is good, cause you weren't really supposed to bring dogs in there, but it's not like we knew that, or could just swing by the house and drop him off.
In any case, he's only barely a dog, right?

I'm gonna try to post something a bit more relevant tomorrow or the next day, and see if that doesn't make writing easier.
And maybe save the Berlin posts for when i'm back in Berlin?
Yeah, maybe.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

First of the last

Sometimes when i look at my camera and there are only a few shots left, i just take them, real quick, so i can change the roll and start a new one.
Usually those last few shots are of my house, and this last roll was no different.
Well, my house and the Sunday coffee shop.

Speaking of coffee, i normally only drink decaf, except on Sunday's when we go to a coffee place that doesn't have decaf.
So on Sundays i'll have a "real" cup of coffee, and just try to prepare myself for being in a slightly altered state of mind for the rest of the day.
But on Sunday last week, i just couldn't handle it very well, and my whole day was basically ruined by nerves and anxiety, so this Sunday i just went and hung out and watched Allan drink coffee.
Not as fun! Not very fun at all, actually.
Maybe next time i'll bring a thermo cup with coffee from home or something?
Sometimes being... different, requires some planning!

Yesterday i spent a good hour and a half wrapping the presents we are taking with us to Denmark for Christmas.
We've cut down a lot in that department, not cause i don't like giving presents, but because of the transport thing.
But there were still so many, somehow.

So, i just started by posting the last shots from this most recent film, and i don't really know why, but i've got lots more to come, and maybe i'll post them over Christmas?
I'm looking forward to going to Denmark, actually.
Looking forward to long, icy walks on the beach with my mom and Lucifer.
And to hopefully catching a Frida Kahlo exhibition at a museum near Copenhagen.
Seeing some nature will be nice.
I miss nature sometimes.


Friday, December 6, 2013

First snow

Last night there was a storm over Europe, and even though we normally don't get any real wind in Berlin, we definitely got a taste too.
And this morning, we woke up to snow.
Not the good kind, though, the wet, icky kind that doesn't stay long, but makes everything you wear soaking wet.
But it's ok, other countries, or even other areas of this one, had it way worse.

Speaking of things that are gross, i got sick about a week ago.
It's my second cold this season, and while i'm still feeling it, at least it's a lot easier than the first one.
Maybe i need to get back on Team Green Smoothie soon, cause i normally only catch one cold per year (i do however sniffle all year round!) but i won't be doing any grocery shopping today.
Today i plan on staying in, as much as my dog will allow me anyway.

Lots of stuff has been happening at the bunker since my last post, but i'm not really in a wordy mood today, so scroll on down and see for yourself!

Chamomile cat

At least i can still taste the good things

Epic client presents from last week, thanks Claire and Paul

We finally got a new sink, almost a month after i broke the old one

Worlds best husband made me a Christmas calendar this year, and as usual, he's completely missing the point of giving little present leading up to a bigger one for Christmas... i can only assume i'll be the lucky owner of a pony when we reach December 24th!

Work lunch, that tasted good, but gave me a tummy ache... i am very sensitive when it comes to noodles...

Spacetiiiights! Another fantastic present, and the worlds cutest little sidekick hiding behind it

A couple of days ago we finally decided to work a bit on a very old tattoo of mine, and Lucifer was happy to keep me company

It was pretty brutal, but quick, and i can't wait to continue

Sooo... i should probably open these, right?

Hair inspiration at the moment; Electrick Pick's Turbo Drome... i seriously gotta find a good hair place here!

We went to Mitte yesterday with our friend Other Wendy (when you know more than one, that's what happens) and it was gloomy, but nice, and we had an amazing lunch... apparently we're all about the eating these days, guys!

Snow in the yard this morning

At least i have this new sweater to keep me warm... thanks, husband!

I'm hoping to have some real photos to share soon.
Until then, grainy iPhone goodness is all i have!