Friday, November 22, 2013

Lucky number nine

I think this might be the last of the film drafts?
I need to finish the one i have in the camera, so i can start posting new(er) stuff, but it's fucking hard to finish a film when there's no sun. None. Haven't seen it in days.
My camera doesn't like that, and well, neither do i, to be honest.
So yeah, that first picture is killing me a little today!

Hey, this is my ninth post this month!
Does this mean i'm back to normal? Unbroken? Can carefully begin to call myself a blogger again, if that term even still exists?
I don't know, but i know that it's my 2013 record, and that makes me feel pretty good.
It's not that i ever planned to slow down this much, you know.
There just wasn't time.

Here are three pictures from the house.
Stairs, hallways and waiting room at the shop.
A few days ago i dreamed that i found a new house, and was going to move.
Dream-me must be crazy, cause this place is the best.


The other day i downloaded a free diary-app, and today i stopped in the middle of the road to write a haiku in it. A fucking haiku.
Seriously, brain, i don't know what your deal is sometimes.

One of the books i ordered arrived today, and it's about meditation, which i have always sucked at, so i figured it was time for some pro tips.
I'm looking forward to having a day off with no people at the house so i can sit down and start reading it.
I'm actually looking forward to a day like that in general.


  1. I suck at meditation. My mum meditates. She took me to a Buddhist workshop about mediation and stress/anxiety. I just couldn't switch off. I've got some books but I wish I had a switch to turn my stupid brain off

    1. I'm working on it too.
      It's supposed to be so good for people with anxiety, but i sometimes feel that it can cause panic attacks too, but maybe that's just me.