Friday, November 1, 2013

A walk with friends

Remember how i posted this post way back in August and complained about how the photo shop possibly messed up my film, and how i should go get them scanned again?
Yesterday i finally did.
That didn't take me too long at all!
And it turns out that i was right, and my negatives were fine.

But this post isn't about that film at all, although i will eventually get to that, because while at the photo place i had a newer film developed, and sometimes newer is better, you know?

Here are some pictures from October 21st.
I know the date because it was the day after Nick's birthday, and the day David arrived from Copenhagen for a quick visit.
We met up with the Aussies, had lunch and coffee, went tattoo supply and comic book shopping, and had ramen for dinner.
It was a perfect, and sunny day in Kreuzberg, which is still one of my favorite neighborhoods in Berlin.

All of October, actually late September included, has been absolutely crazy.
We had visitors, guest artists, parties, plans for the entire month, and even though it was super fun, it was also a little exhausting. Ok, a lot, but mostly fun.
We had friends from the US stay here, our BFF from Hong Kong was here for pretty much an entire month, and last week my mom and dad even came by, which was obviously awesome and i'll post more about that later.

It has been stressful at times, but the thing i've realized is that there is no normal when you have a house like ours.
It's never going to calm down and be normal, cause we chose not-normal when we moved here.
With great house comes great social responsibility, or something like that.
We get to have temporary roommates, we get to have a fun and busy home with a really great shop in it, but we don't get to have normal, and ever since realizing that, or putting into words or whatever, i've been much more relaxed.
But still, it's fucking nice to have the house to ourselves for a little while.
And it's nice being able to get back into a few routines, like cooking at home and exercising, and more importantly, working on arts and crafts projects.
More of this, please.
And more blogging too, perhaps.

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