Saturday, August 10, 2013

Beyond the sea

We just came back from a weeks vacation in Bisserup.
Or, more or less just came back.
We went there for my mom's birthday and decided to stay for a few extra days to spend time with family, and work on some projects.
Spend time with family we did, but the projects stayed in our one suitcase, and i actually think that was for the better.
I had no idea how much i needed a break until we got there and although he'd be reluctant to admit it, i'm sure Allan needed one too.

We took a lot of walks, and me and my mom went swimming every day.
We had good food, mostly leftovers from the party, and my mom taught herself to make a mean pina colada, so we had a few of those too.
And we collected skulls and boiled them on an outdoor stove right up until the moment we had to leave.
I had the absolute weirdest dreams all week, but no anxiety whatsoever, so that felt like a good tradeoff.

Whenever i'm in Bisserup, i get this sneaking suspicion that i'm actually meant to live by the sea, but it's too late for that now that i'm an inlander.
But that's ok.
Coming home to Berlin, even though i'm still not quite used to this being the place-i-come-home-to, and i still refer to both Denmark and Berlin as "home", was really nice too.

We skipped Copenhagen this time, as much as we could.
Went straight from the airport to the central station to change trains, and from there to the country, and we did the same on the way home.
It's not that i can't handle Copenhagen, or i don't want to see people there, i just really didn't wanna deal with it this time around.
Our visit in May, and staying at a hotel, was just too weird, and since then, i just haven't felt like visiting.
I guess i was just so tired of Copenhagen for so long, and to really get over that, i need more time and more distance between me and the city i got so sick of.
It's not you, Copenhagen, it's me!

Anyway, it was great to spend time with my parents and the rest of the family, my nephew in particular.
And swimming in the ocean, not that there's anything wrong with lakes, was pretty fucking wonderful too.

Here are some pictures, mostly of water, which i guess reveals the one thing i could use a little more of in Schöneberg.
There are some of my mom and dad too, of Allan playing the drums for the first time in like 15 years, and Gilbert also playing the drums and being adorable in general, of Lucifer on a boat and me being a fatty on the beach.

Oh, and my mom is exhibiting her water color paintings in their art gallery at the moment.
Even though it's basically her gallery, this is the first time in many years she's had her own work on display, and it's a beautiful show, with lovely paintings of the local scenery.
There's no website, but should you find yourself on southwestern Sjælland, the address is Galleri Stalden, Bisserup Havnevej 62, 4243 Rude.


Analog photos to come when i've had them developed!


  1. Nice blog, nice pictures, nices tatoos.

  2. Who's the fatty?! Still gorgeous whatever!

    I'd love to live by the sea or just a nice, big, clean body of water at some point in my life. My mum grew up by the sea (Brighton) and hopes to retire and move back to it one day. I think extremes in nature help to calm people (mountains, lakes, sea, forests) especially when all we see is humanity and concrete in our everyday, inland lives.

    Were all the pictures taken on your film SLR? They are really lovely. I like the slightly faded quality of the light in some of them (unless that's just on my monitor). Bisserup looks like a lovely place!


    p.s. still looking forward to seeing you both when you next head over to this side of the world!

    1. I is the fatty! Germany is too good to me, haha.
      You are so right, it is so calming.
      I can see myself retiring by the sea too, the older i get, the more i crave nature.
      But for now, i'm happy that i can at least do some gardening, that's very calming too.

      All the pictures are from my phone, actually, i've used the vsco cam app to edit most of them. It does give them a faded look, so it's not just you!

      Looking forward to seeing you too, maybe we could go to Takao-san one day? Speaking of mountains :)