Friday, May 17, 2013

An incoherent country side rant

Oh, hey, guess where i am!?
If you guessed Denmark, you're maybe not a genius, but you're definitely right.
We arrived in our native land, our first time here in 2013, on Tuesday, cause Allan had a date with the Boss.
Yes, we went all the way to Copenhagen so Allan could go to a Bruce Springsteen concert. What?
We had to stay at a hotel, because, well, we don't live there anymore, and airbnb is not down with the doggies.

It was pretty strange, arriving in our old neighborhood, practically across the street from our old home, and checking into a hotel.
We didn't stay long, cause we needed to go to the old shop, again with the strange, to hang out with David before the concert.
We ate with him, his wife, and Young and Rasmus, at Laundromat, and it was almost like we hadn't really been away, and at the same time like we'd been away for way longer than we have.

The walk to the shop from Vesterbro, and the walk back, was probably the strangest for me.
I felt a familiarity that could so easily be confused with longing, and walking along the lakes, just like any other relatively nice spring day coming home from work, i really managed to weird myself out.
It's not homesickness, though, it's just very strange being back, but not living here.
I wish i could explain it better, but you know, having all the feelings can be overwhelming.
It's not bad, i know that cause i don't feel any anxiety, but yeah, weird for sure.

I stayed at the hotel while the others were at the show, and the next morning we went to Sort Kaffe & Vinyl to drink a ton of coffee (and chai) and hang out with some friends.
It was pretty much a perfect Copenhagen afternoon, the kind where you move with the sun, and that sun luckily leads you straight to ice cream.

After a few hours on Vesterbro, we walked to Frederiksberg to see my oldest friend's brand new baby.
We hung out at her new, and awesome, apartment, while we ate grapes and she told us about her new life, and we told her about ours.
Not all people are so caught up in their babies that they can't be interested in other people's lives, and that's a rare and wonderful thing these days.

We hurried back to Vesterbro to pick up our luggage (just a couple of backpacks and a dog carrier for the plane) and pay a much too quick visit to our favorite sushi restaurant.
Can you believe we haven't had sushi in Berlin yet? We're such total snobs.
Anyway, we had to catch a train to the country, so we didn't have time to eat, but being the awesome dude that he is, the chef made us a huge sushi bento box for the train ride, free of charge.
Yes, these are the people i miss!

We've been in the country since Wednesday and it has been relaxing and amazing.
The weather is maybe not (definitely not) as warm as in Berlin, but it's sunny and nice, and we've been eating ice cream and taking walks, and seen a bunch of cool nature shit.
I couldn't ask for more.

I don't know if the next trip will be any easier.
Not that this is hard, i'm just easily freaked out i guess, and maybe i expected it to be different?
What do i know, i've never been abroad for this long before, and i've never been able to call anwhere but Copenhagen "home" until now.

Here are some iPhone pictures, some from here and some from home. New home!

From our apartment

New balcony chairs

Lucifer and Ayaka

I found my dream bike, hopefully i'll be able to pick it up soon

Stupid human tricks

Lucifer did not appreciate getting up early, and he sure as hell didn't wanna go to the airport


Me and my new little buddy Theo

Dad and me, stealing water plants for my parents' new lake (!), and playing with frogs too, obviously

Insta-collage time!
(1. Fancy hotel 2. Remember when this was my blog and instagram EVERY DAY? 3. Coffee, sweet coffee 4. Post flight face)

(1. Mille and Theo 2. Sushi goodness, way too fancy for the train to N├Žstved! 3. Zorba has gotten so big 4. Getting all nostalgic and shit)

(1. Bisserup ice cream, always huge 2. FROGS! 3. Just a lovely view, always 4. Sleepy dog)

(1. Heron egg! 2. Furry cow! 3. Not-so-lucky deer foot! 4. Woods!)

Those last ones are from a walk in the woods today, just me, mom and Lucifer.
Pretty much my favorite thing about Bisserup.
Except maybe for the ice cream.

We go home on Sunday, back to Germany land and our beloved Bunker.


  1. What is on that ice cream? It looks so good whatever it is.

    I know what you mean about going back, sometimes when I visit Calgary or my home town I feel like it's amazing how much I forget and remember about it at the same time.

    1. The stuff on the ice cream is called "guf". It's almost impossible to explain what it is... it's sugary clouds of heavenly goodness, i think is the closest!

      Being a stranger in my own town is no new to me. I don't know if i'll ever get used to it.

  2. Hey!

    Glad to hear that you had a good time. The pictures look great especially the final 4 in the instagram grids. I miss the countryside so much sometimes!

    Like you (and Nova) I sometimes find going home (back to the UK) kinda strange but familiar. Maybe it's because when we live in these places we take them for granted (I know I did) and visiting them after a while shows us how alien they can be. It's the smells I notice the most (English cooking, pubs, the bus, my mum's house etc.)!

    1. I'm glad i'm not the only one weirded out about visiting home... or "home" now i guess.
      Maybe it'll get easier, if not, i'll just try to not go that often!