Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dream world

As you probably know, cause i've probably told you, we haven't had much time to explore our new surroundings since moving here. It's a big house, and there's only the two of us, so yeah, we've been spending most of our time at the house, in Schöneberg. Not that i mind.
It's actually never a problem until we have clients or visitors ask us what to see and do here, and i basically have to go "uuuuuhhhhmmmmm" for a really long time until they stop asking.
Lucky for me, my friend Helle, who dropped by for a quick visit last week, had done her homework.

Helle had found this blog about abandoned places in and around Berlin, and decided on one we should visit. We'd actually planned on going when she was here back in February, but it was cold and we didn't really want to be outdoors much, and now i am so glad we waited.

Now, i've been obsessed with reading about abandoned places for many years (this one is my ultimate dream), but i never thought i'd find one this magical in my own backyard.
Then again, i never expected my backyard to be Germany.

The place was an abandoned hospital and the area turned out to be huge.
The buildings were all locked, but just like i've always dreamed of doing, we snuck in through half broken basement windows and wandered through a playground of total decay.
Peeling wallpaper, furniture left behind, broken windows, birch trees growing on roofs, all these magical surroundings and beautiful buildings left to rot on their own.
You'd think the place was sad or even scary, some people have suggested that it's haunted, but for some reason i wasn't the least bit scared. I was probably too excited, and the weather was just too nice.
There were a few moments, when i was wandering off on my own up some stairs or into a dark basement, where i thought to myself: "you should be freaking the fuck out... this is the part of any horror movie where you start screaming at the TV that they're all idiots for going off on their own somewhere so obviously full of ghosts and pure evil!", and i'm sure that same thought occurred to Helle and Allan, but i guess we're just really brave?
I'm only half kidding, you know.
I felt brave, and it felt good.
I felt like a kid climbing the tallest tree in the woods, or running away from home, if only for an afternoon.

One really great things about seeing this place, you know, besides the obvious awesomeness and being able to take pictures of it?
Knowing that the earth will be ok without us.
It'll be better without us, and it'll take very little time to heal itself once we're out of the picture.
Birch trees growing on roofs.
It's half sad, half reassuring, right?

Here are some of my favorite pictures from that day, unedited as always.
I have another few ones coming up from another film, but they didn't turn out as good as these ones, so i hope you like these!

Fuck... i can't wait to do this again.

Thanks for the nice comments yesterday.
I freaked out and cried a lot, and it seemed to help a little.
I'm still really sad, but it's out of my hands now, and i just hope whoever is still up there goes with as little pain as possible.
I've been overfeeding the fire escape birds to try to win back some of my good animal karma, and we also donated our bottle recycling money to an animal shelter (i know that sounds random, but it's an option you get when you take your empty bottles to get recycled... pretty cool!)
I still don't go up there, except to get stuff i need and bring it down here, and even then, i wear headphones blasting loud music.
What a shitty situation.

Monday, April 29, 2013

First days here

I just got pictures back from a really special trip we went on last week, and they're actually pretty amazing.
So of course i'd like nothing better than to post them right now, but the pictures require a bit of happy story telling, and to tell you the truth, i am not in a great mood right now.
I'm actually really heartbroken.

We just had some guys here to fix a broken part of the roof, and that part of the roof have pigeons living in it.
We've been hearing them and their babies for a few months now, when we're upstairs.
They're so loud we thought they were rats at first.
The roof guys tried to get the birds out, or at least they said they did, but in the end they said they couldn't get to all of them, and they closed it up, leaving our upstairs neighbors locked in to die. In my house.
There are innocent animals dying inside my house right now, and they don't even know it yet.
I can't even tell you how upset this makes me.
Obviously i won't be able to use a whole floor of my house until these poor creatures pass away.
God knows how long that takes.
I'd fall apart if i heard them up there, knowing they can't get out.

So yeah, that fucking completely ruined an otherwise nice, sunny day, so no special pictures.
Just... other pictures.

These are from the house formerly known as the Riesenbunker.
I don't feel like using cute pet names for this deathtrap today.
The pictures are from our first week here, i think.


Sunday, April 28, 2013


Spring, the smell of spring, everything about it, always makes me think of Japan.
Maybe because it's where i've been spending the better part of spring for the last nine-ish years, not counting the awful year of 2011.
And now that spring has finally come to Berlin, i miss Japan like you wouldn't believe.
For a second there you thought the headline was about Denmark, didn't you?
Not a chance.

I finally started taking pictures again.
Proper pictures, with my proper camera.
You wouldn't believe the change in my mood and confidence.
I'll never take a break from photography this long ever again.

Here are some of the pictures from one of the last films i shot before my break.
They're from our last trip to Japan, the short one right before we moved to Berlin.
There were some pictures on it from Denmark too, but i'll get to those later.
These are better, anyway, and looking at them makes me happy.

I feel like i have so much to tell, but it's Sunday and i promised myself i'd relax.
Maybe tomorrow.
Right now the plan is to Skype with my mom, and maybe watch some more Dr. Who on Netflix.

Friday, April 19, 2013

The West

Today has been pretty wonderful.
I still feel like we have some major things we need to do before i can truly relax, and they're taking up way too much space in my head, but i managed to not think about any of that today, and just take a day off with my husband.
The weather was amazing, and we rode Allan's bike around West Berlin, doing errands and sightseeing all at once.
I bought myself a new perfume, which i never do, like ever.
You know, i have this one perfume i almost can't wear cause it takes me back to a vacation in Germany years ago, and it's not like it was a bad trip, it's just that it brings out the memories in such a powerful way, it's like i'm almost there again.
And i realized today that i want that. I want a scent that reminds me of right now, that in a few years can take me back to my first spring living in Berlin, in my new house, my new life.
I hope this will be it, cause it was very expensive, and i don't really have the money to do this twice.
God, i'm the most indecisive person ever. I currently smell like four different perfumes, and i managed to buy one and go back and change it to another one less than five minutes after leaving the department store.

I'm still really enjoying planting.
I have a bit of garden envy, cause well, our yard is a lot of concrete, and it's not even really ours, but having a fire escape more than makes up for it.
That place is such a sanctuary.
And its quirkiness almost makes it better than a real balcony, in a way.
I've planted fresh herbs our there. Not from seeds, though, that shit takes way too long, and gardening at the old shop in Denmark taught me that i don't really have the patience for that.


I wish

In my jungle

This is how warm it was today

Those eyes, right?

My loot from my Bauhaus date with Sarah yesterday... i'm gonna plant the tree tomorrow

The front tire on my bike died during the winter, so today we took it to a bike shop to get it replaced.
They told me it'll be about a week, so of course i all of a sudden miss biking like crazy!
I should have brought both my bikes here when we moved, but i don't think i could have predicted how small my need for a Copenhagen bike was gonna be.

Hey, you know what else i miss?
Taking real fucking pictures!
That's it, i'm putting film in the Canon tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Less writing, more bunnies

Let's see... spring is here, my parents went home, we had more visitors, i had coffee on the almost-a-balcony and we went to a flea market and drank a bunch of coffee.
That about sum it up?
Probably not, but my memory is no good, and neither is my writing lately.

My parents went home on Thursday.
I had such a good time having them here, and they were, as always, so awesome and helpful.
They took me, and Sarah, to Bauhaus to buy flowers and without their help i would almost certainly have left there with a bunch of plants not suitable for outdoor living.
I'm so bad at gardening, but it makes me so happy. 
So far, none of the things i planted with my mom have died, and the yard actually looks great.

We've been taking it easy with renovations because of guests from Denmark, and maybe a bit of building fatigue, but i feel like i'm ready to get started again.
Maybe i'll do some housework today?

The weather is grey right now, not at all as lovely and hot as yesterday, but i'm still just so grateful for the fact that my winter coat is in the basement where it belongs, that i don't even care if it rains all day.

Bunnies in the park, first time i've seen them in the daytime!

Flower bulbs from a neighbor who parks in our yard and saw us planting... so nice!

Evening sun, and some newly planted flowers on the "balcony"

Sunday coffee spot

First time sitting out this year, with Aussies, a dog, a German...

... and two Danes

Breakfast before the flea market

I wish this door was glass so i could look out all the time

First breakfast (a banana) ever on the balcony. Lucifer wanted to join me

We weren't supposed to go to Double Eye yesterday, but we did anyway... and we didn't wear coats!

(1. My parents' van was packed when me and Sarah were done shopping 2. My mom and dad brought us this lovely old filing cabinet for the shop, among many other wonderful things 3. Plants! 4. More plants!!)

 (1. Flea market find, found and donated by my mom 2. My jungle... i can't wait for it to turn green 3. Blue skies yesterday, mostly 4. Family portrait from the shop instagram)

We have to go back to Copenhagen for a visit soon, and i'¨m already panicking about how expensive it's gonna be.
That, and i'm worried about getting homesick.