Winter, wonder, whatever

I am dying to post pictures of the new shop, but at the same time, i just wanna wait till it's completely finished.
Or as close to finished as it's gonna get in the next few weeks, or ever.
I was looking at photos of the old shop a few days ago, and i actually got a little sentimental.
It was a good shop, and in some ways more overwhelming than this one, but i'm still glad we decided to go in a different direction.
New is good, copying is not, not even if it's yourself you're copying.

We did a lot of work this weekend, and tomorrow we're going on a Bauhaus supply trip so we can paint the last room (in the shop, that is, there'll always be one more room to paint...) and hang some more decorative stuff.
I'm pretty proud of our progress, the tattoo room in particular is looking awesome and fancy and completely unlike the old one.

Not really in the mood for any kind of personal talk today, so i'm just gonna post some pictures instead, cause even when they're kind of bad, pictures are still pretty good... like pizza!

On Sunday it became winter again...

 ... but we still went out for coffee (but no flea markets)

I am so very over snow, i don't even care if it's pretty, i just want milder weather and warm feet for a change

Shop hallway... we need more antlers... always more antlers

My sewing table and two lamps i got at Maurpark flea market

Almost ready to start getting crafty again

The living room was nice and sunny this morning, and i made eggs for breakfast, just because

To follow up on my last post, i talked to my parents who told me that the anniversary concert went great.
They had people lining up in the street to get in, lots of friends came to see them, and lost of guest musicians, singers and dancers made appearances.
So basically one of those can't-miss events.

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