Monday, February 11, 2013

Playing catch-up, failing

You don't even understand how impossible this is, blogging after being away for this long.
I don't think i've ever taken a break this long before, and trust me, i never wanted to.
But recently a few people have let me know that they miss the blog, and that's really nice to hear.
And i am one of them! Although i miss posting more than reading. You know what i mean.

So the reason i haven't updated here in so long is pretty simple; no internet.
I have internet on my phone, but i've never been much of an iphone blogger, and using my phone for wifi is also expensive.
That hopefully explains the lack of email replies too, i hope. I don't really have time. 
I hope some of you are following me on twitter and instagram at least, cause those are the only two things i update daily!

Damn, i honestly don't know where to start...
You know when you're in love and everything is just weird, and dreamlike?
The first couple of weeks here were like that.
I didn't even notice all the construction crap lying around, or the fact that everything was in boxes and my clothes were covered in paint.
Those first weeks were just so intense, and i was a little sad when the feeling slowly went away and got replaced by... everyday life?
But not quite, you know. I don't think our lives will ever be normal again. At least i hope they won't.
Although we're not going to Bauhaus at least twice a week like we used to (bad example maybe, as Allan is there right now), we're still up to our necks in renovations, and trying to run a half finished shop at the same time.
It's tough, and it's fun.
I am very proud of us for nearly finishing renovating a whole house, and shop, all by ourselves in just two months. If you could see the size of this place, and the amount of crap we have, you'd understand.

I've all but given up on trying to describe the last month and a half, so can we leave it at mostly magical with few average days in between? We go to the worlds best coffee place in the morning and have delicious coffee. It snows a lot, we walk the dog and go to flea markets. Allan tattoos a bit while i paint shelves or put up paintings. We spackle up walls or put up masking tape so we can paint. We find new ways to decorate, and we take on a million projects at a time. We rent movies at the 1 euro video store across the street and we go out to eat all the time, almost always bringing Lucifer with us, just because we can.
Oh, and we haven't had much alone time either lately. I believe we've had about 18 visitors since January 1st, but that's what happens when you move into a castle, and it's fine by me.
Life is very different here, and i am, honestly, happier than i've been in years.
Only sucky thing i can think of, besides the internet companies here being just beyond terrible, is that all the renovations did a number on my wrists and arms, and now i'm not allowed to work or lift heavy things... i cheat a bit, but don't tell the scary Chinese acupuncture lady that.
Seriously, the carpal tunnel thing does worry me, but hopefully it's fixable.

Ok, so i took a folder with 75 pictures of questionable quality and cut it down to somewhere around 60 (!), so don't forget to click the "read more" thingie.
Yeah, i hate the jump too, but i'm sure we can all agree that it's necessary in this case!

Sorry this isn't the eloquent, triumphant return to blogging that i'd been hoping for, i guess i'm not quite there yet.
Let's hope we get internet soon, so i don't have to delete the word "blogger" from all my online bios altogether.

Awful, but still worth it

Shop chaos

Café in Schöneberg

Bedroom monster, before i got the right light bulbs


Arkonaplatz flea market, on a good day

Living room

A rare sunny day

Handsome man

Antiques and breakfast

Still getting used to the fact that i have a tub... i've only used it twice!

Ready for spring much?

Annoyed at Bauhaus

Bathroom sign, made by my mom, all the colors of the house on one ladder, leftover wallpaper, our coffee maker George, pre-wallpapered kitchen, Lucifer pooping in the yard...

Wallpaper in progress (that's like the one thing we don't do ourselves, good thing we found a wallpaper wizard... or, witch, i suppose)

December 31st and January 1st


When our stove finally arrived

Bubblegum glue

More kitchen, plus our first home cooked meal in the house

Dessert with Martin and Christel at the best pasta restaurant i've ever been to

One of many DIY projects

Housewarming present


Cold mornings

Flea market finds

Office, a few weeks ago... things change so fast

Morning view

Outside Double Eye, pretty much the best coffee in the world (but don't tell the guys at Sort Kaffe & Vinyl!)


Best flea market find ever

There's something lovely to look at everywhere

Present from Allan

My grandfather made this

Painting shelves in the basement

Sleepy buddy

Always with us, here at a restaurant in Prenzlauer Berg

Best colors

Trouble room, trouble floor

Great for sock skating, though!

These guys remove snow from our hof... why, i don't know, but i'm very grateful!

Pantry peek


My mom and dad came to visit and that was pretty much the best thing ever, i was so happy and excited to show them our new home, and luckily they loved it here

We took them to a jazz club, where my dad played with the local blues band and crossed Berlin off his list

Cheap, score

Poster wall, shop peek

Too expensive, too bad

Library, a different brown

Seriously, so good

So cold

Whoa, that was way too much, wasn't it? The pictures?
And way too random, but i think it had to be this way, for me to even get started again.
Apart from blogging, the only thing missing from my life is drawing, painting and sewing, but since we just got lamps put up in our future office/work room, maybe that'll happen soon too?
Oh, and i kinda miss dressing like not-a-hobo, and maybe wearing make-up once in a while, but i'm sure that'll happen eventually too.

Thanks for the patience, and for sticking around, i wish i could give you all a real life tour of the house, then you'd understand my absence for sure.
Maybe some day!


  1. Bedste hus!!! Vi vil tilbage!!

  2. so glad you're back (sound like a bit of a creepy stalker, I'm not haha!) Your new house is looking beautiful, such gorgeous details! don't panic about the carpal tunnel, I had it so bad this summer, literally couldn't hold my hand flat, my arm was dead and full of pins and needles permanently, was waking up constantly in the night from the pain etc but after I let it rest for a couple of weeks it was fine, I get the odd twinge now and again but no lasting damage!

  3. So happy to see a glimpse of your new life in Berlin. You're reading the book I'm on the hunt for! I just found out about it yesterday. Berlin must have the best flea markets!!

  4. Yay! I'm so glad that you're back! I figured that you were just having more fun in the real world than here. The new place looks amazing and lots of fun to renovate (aside from the wrist injuries). I'm looking forward to hearing more about your Berlin adventures and seeing more awesome pics!

  5. Welcome back! I've missed your posts!

    You house is so amazing, there are just awesome things to look at everywhere! Your apartment was the coolest, but now you have even more room for even more awesome stuff. Yay!

  6. I'm so happy to see you are back, I've missed reading your posts! I'm so glad everything is amazing in Berlin, and I think we'd all LOVE to see a tour of the new place!!! Maybe a blog video tour?! =)

  7. Okay, so it's a while since you've blogged, but it was so nice to get totally overwhelmed by lovely photos for a while. Glad things are shaping up in your new home!

  8. Yay a new post!!! Your house is wonderful i am in love and really jealous, but in a good way :)

  9. Jennifer StankovitsFebruary 13, 2013 at 6:19 PM

    Yes! This was a wonderful comeback post! How is it that in snowy Berlin, everything is so much prettier than everywhere else (seemingly)? Perhaps it's Berlin through your eyes ... Well, I love it. I'm so happy for you guys. Life is crazy and surprising and can just get so good. Hoping for more and more good for you and Allan and Lucifer.

  10. so glad you're posting again :) your blog is one of my favourites! & your new home looks wonderful. congratulations!

  11. Glad to read a great post, I've missed them. Sorry to hear about the carpel tunnel, stretching the wrists before and after activity is important. Also sleeping with your wrists in a neutral position(can be aided by a rigid wrist brace) really helps.

  12. Damn, y'alls new house is amazing! You have the best interior decorating skills of anyone I know--the whole house looks charming and cozy (even though it's a castle!) and every room is unique, yet there's a consistency to the design. Beautiful! Winter is nice, but I personally can't wait to see the pictures from your spring and summer outings in Berlin :)

  13. so inspiring, seriously. you guys are awesome & i wish i had unlimited time & money to come steal some of that space & get so many tattooz.

  14. The place is awesome but is the whole building yours ? All of the 3 (or more ?) floors ?? It seems to when looking at the pictures ! Would be really huge indeed !

  15. Well, ours in the sense that we rent the whole thing, but we don't own it. But yes, all 5 floors!

  16. Haha, thanks!

  17. Aw, thanks so much! It's like my favorite hobby... passion, maybe even!
    I can't wait to get out more and explore, it's gonna be so much fun!