Sunday, December 2, 2012

Postcard from Kreuzberg

I don't actually feel like blogging today (great way to open, i know!), but as we'll be without intermet starting tomorrow, i'm not sure when i'll get the chance again.

We arrived Friday morning.
It was an awful last night at the empty apartment, and an even worse trip down here, but i won't bore you with that.
The important thing is that we got here in time for our meeting with the building manager and real estate lady, and that the meeting went well.
Our friend Sascha from Hamburg was there to translate, and we got two keys to our new home.
The people we're renting from are very German, but so nice and in no way sketchy, and i really appreciate that.

We have had a few opportunities to check out our new area, and i think i like it. I mean, i know i like it already, it's just weird cause i still feel like Kreuzberg, the only neighborhood i'm kinda familiar with, is the center of Berlin, and Schöneberg is just somewhere we go visit.
It's a little strange, but i'm sure it'll all start changing tomorrow when our stuff arrives from Denmark.
Very excited about that!

Yesterday, after a quick trip to Bauhaus for cleaning supplies, we met up at the house with a couple of old friends from Denmark who live here now.
We gave them a tour of the house, and they really loved it.
It's not that i need other people's approval of my new home or anything, but it's just nice when people share our enthusiasm for the place, you know?
We had some lunch, and then we went back to clean the apartment floor.
It wasn't actually that gross, except for a dead bird, which is really more sad than gross, but it still took a while.
Luckily they'd brought their dog Palma, who happens to be Lucifer's best friend from way back, so at least those two were entertained.
We never got around to cleaning the other areas of the house cause it was late and dark when we finished, but i figure we'll have plenty of time for that after we've officially moved in.

So yeah, moving in tomorrow!
It's gonna be strange and exciting to spend the first night there, and not feel like we're just visiting anymore.
It'd be a little easier to explore and adjust if it was spring, but i'm still happy this happened so fast, and that we got to move this year.
I think we're actually pretty rad for pulling it off.

Tonight we're gonna watch some movies with Sarah and the kitties, and probably try to go to bed early so we can be at the house at 8 am, ready to lift some heavy shit!
Just kidding, i'm not gonna lift a single box, but we still need to be there and help with placing stuff and making sure the truck isn't looted.
Ok, there'll probably be a lot of lifting after the movers have gone and we realize everything is in the wrong place, but i'm even looking forward to that a little bit!

Welcome to Germany

The Riesenbunker (that's the official name now!)

 Palma! We're dog sitting her next weekend and we can't wait...

Ok, that was a weird post, butt i'm in such a weird place (not Berlin, like, in my brain i mean) so it's no wonder.
I'm happy, though. Happy to be here and to be moving in to our new home for reals!


  1. I still can't get over how amazing your new place is!

  2. Seriously how amazing is The Riesenbunker! I can't wait to see pictures of inside. It's perfect. I'm so happy for you guys. Can't wait to get on that list and come visit :)

  3. Yay for moving to amazing new places! Good luck with the rest of the move and, like Claire, I can't wait to see some pictures of the inside!

  4. SHIT, det er så spændende, glæder mig så meget til at følge med her. Jeg er glad for at i er kommet godt afsted og. Vi kommer jo i Januar, så i siger til hvis i mangler noget :) Hav' den bedste dag

  5. Welcome home :) Sorry i did not make it down to the old shop to say goodbye this tuesday:( But hopefully Allan said i was there earlier to try and catch you! cant wait for pictures of the place!!!

  6. You made it into the UK Telegraph newspaper. Miss you guys at SK.

  7. Dude, thanks so much for posting this!!
    I'm pretty much an internet sensation at this point! Yup, famous on the internet.
    Normally i'd say hi when we come to sort kaffe in a few days, but i'm probably too big of a deal now, to be honest.

  8. Just come see us and Nick in Berlin!!

  9. Glæder os til besøg :)

  10. Yeah, start your tattoo savings so you can come visit!

  11. Dude, me neither, it's so damn perfect!