Sunday, December 23, 2012

Magical times

Oh no.
I can't possibly write this post.
It's been too long, and too much has happened. I've written it several times in my head, usually in the minutes before falling asleep, but of course i can't remember any of those drafts now.
That's too bad, really, cause i feel blank.
I guess start from the beginning?

So, remember that time i moved to Berlin?
Yes, that happened!
We moved into our new house about three weeks ago, after staying with Sarah for a few days, waiting impatiently for our belongings to arrive.
They arrived in more or less perfect condition in two huge containers that it took the movers, and us (of course we ended up helping), about 9 hours to empty.
Yeah, we have a lot of stuff. A LOT.
We stayed at the house as soon as our bed was there, even though there was no kitchen for several days (it's still not complete, but more on that some other time) and the heaters weren't all working.
But it's ok, in my head, i'd imagined the first days being cold, so i almost didn't mind.

We started on the renovations right away.
I'd been pretty worried about the work, seeing as we're used to knowing a bunch of handy people we can call on for help, and we know almost no one in Berlin, but it worked out.
We went to Bauhaus pretty much every other day for the first weeks, hauling home buckets of paint, curtain rods, gravel for the stairs, paint brushes, rolls of plastic, you name it, on the ubahn. And always with a dog in tow, sometimes two.

We painted our bedroom first, then the kitchen, then a few rooms in the shop, then the living room.
Through our tiny network in the city we found a plumber to build our kitchen (there was no water in that room, so it was quite a job we had for him), an electrician to prepare the room for our stove (that will arrive on January 3rd!) and a wallpaper wizard to get started on our many wallpaper projects.
Throughout all the practical work, we found time to decorate and make the house cozy, unpack a gazillion boxes, explore Schöneberg, go to concerts, and in Allan's case, tattoo (although not in the correct room, but hey, that'll happen soon enough).
We also registered at city hall, so we're officially living there now.

I wish i could describe the way i've felt, living there for the first few weeks.
The closest i'll come is perhaps just happiness?
Or... peaceful?
I don't know, but all of my worries about moving were gone from day one.
Me and Allan share this whole new bond, kind of... it's hard to explain, but i love my husband more now.
Making each others dreams come true in this weird and unexpected way, has been really special.
I don't think i've been this excited since... getting my first dog? Visiting Tokyo for the first time?
They don't even compare. It's been like living in a dream, and the only thing that really worries me is that someone will eventually wake me and tell me it's not real.
Finally being at the house we've only visited twice before, the house we've looked at pictures of and tried so hard to decorate before getting there, is just unreal, and yet so comfortable and familiar.
Some days we'll pretty much be high-fiving each other all day, cause we're just so fucking stoked about being there!

The first snow day, the day we discovered the best coffee i've ever had right around the corner from our house, the first coat of paint in the bedroom, getting running water in the kitchen, falling asleep to Lord of the Rings every night after painting and carrying heavy shit up and down the stairs, the first movie night with Sarah, hanging out with two of our good friends from back home who live only a 20 minute bike ride away.
Having all of our decorating ideas come to life, and at the same time, having the place look so different than expected.
There have been so many awesome days, and i wish i could have documented them, but then it wouldn't have been the same.
The internet isolation was part of the magic, and i wouldn't have had it any other way.

I'm in Denmark now, by the way!
In Bisserup, with my family, ready to celebrate Christmas.
But even though i'm glad to be with my family, i still can't fucking wait to be back in Berlin, in my wonderful, wonderful Riesenbunker!

Now, please to enjoy a bunch of random pictures from my two iPhones.
Yes, until my subscription in Denmark has been canceled for real, i'm that person.

Coming from the airport on a one-way ticket

 Flea marketing with my neighbor(-ish!) Sarah

With the house came Dead Bird... a sad story, really 

Movers, before they pretty much collapsed

Snow the day before and the day after moving in... we got lucky!

Random shit everywhere...



Lucifer is pretty used to Bauhaus by now

Bedroom... i keep saying it's more turquoise than blue, but the pictures don't really back that up

Responsible homeowners, uhm, renters

I couldn't believe my eyes when i found this place... coffee, vinyl and pancakes... oh, and they love Lucifer!

It took more than a week for this color to come off


Snow days

At the park

Temporary kitchen storage

Getting wallpaper in Kreuzberg

Still in Kreuzberg... those colors!

I got my first christmas tree! Or, christmas plant... whatever...

I'm honestly so proud of us for all we've accomplished in just a few weeks... hard fucking work, and we still have the backaches to prove it

I was more worried about the ones on the roof right above the door...

Walking to the Rathaus to get our papers

One this day we also found the magical coffee shop

Quite possibly the best ever

Later we got a Nespresso machine on sale, my first one ever, and i am a fan!

I even recreated best-coffee-ever at home

I love my unfinished kitchen

Wow, this post has taken me a couple of hours, cause my phones and computer were being dicks, and we had to eat dinner, and all the while i'm surrounded by my chatty family, so yeah, that took a while and it might not be that coherent!
I'll try to post again soon. Hopefully we'll have internet at the house pretty soon after we get back home.
Home... funny how that doesn't mean Copenhagen anymore, not even a little bit.

Oh, and hey, Merry Christmas, everyone!

Ps. i can't believe i forgot to post a picture of my sci-fi hallway!
Please go check it on instagram. It's glorious.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Postcard from Kreuzberg

I don't actually feel like blogging today (great way to open, i know!), but as we'll be without intermet starting tomorrow, i'm not sure when i'll get the chance again.

We arrived Friday morning.
It was an awful last night at the empty apartment, and an even worse trip down here, but i won't bore you with that.
The important thing is that we got here in time for our meeting with the building manager and real estate lady, and that the meeting went well.
Our friend Sascha from Hamburg was there to translate, and we got two keys to our new home.
The people we're renting from are very German, but so nice and in no way sketchy, and i really appreciate that.

We have had a few opportunities to check out our new area, and i think i like it. I mean, i know i like it already, it's just weird cause i still feel like Kreuzberg, the only neighborhood i'm kinda familiar with, is the center of Berlin, and Schöneberg is just somewhere we go visit.
It's a little strange, but i'm sure it'll all start changing tomorrow when our stuff arrives from Denmark.
Very excited about that!

Yesterday, after a quick trip to Bauhaus for cleaning supplies, we met up at the house with a couple of old friends from Denmark who live here now.
We gave them a tour of the house, and they really loved it.
It's not that i need other people's approval of my new home or anything, but it's just nice when people share our enthusiasm for the place, you know?
We had some lunch, and then we went back to clean the apartment floor.
It wasn't actually that gross, except for a dead bird, which is really more sad than gross, but it still took a while.
Luckily they'd brought their dog Palma, who happens to be Lucifer's best friend from way back, so at least those two were entertained.
We never got around to cleaning the other areas of the house cause it was late and dark when we finished, but i figure we'll have plenty of time for that after we've officially moved in.

So yeah, moving in tomorrow!
It's gonna be strange and exciting to spend the first night there, and not feel like we're just visiting anymore.
It'd be a little easier to explore and adjust if it was spring, but i'm still happy this happened so fast, and that we got to move this year.
I think we're actually pretty rad for pulling it off.

Tonight we're gonna watch some movies with Sarah and the kitties, and probably try to go to bed early so we can be at the house at 8 am, ready to lift some heavy shit!
Just kidding, i'm not gonna lift a single box, but we still need to be there and help with placing stuff and making sure the truck isn't looted.
Ok, there'll probably be a lot of lifting after the movers have gone and we realize everything is in the wrong place, but i'm even looking forward to that a little bit!

Welcome to Germany

The Riesenbunker (that's the official name now!)

 Palma! We're dog sitting her next weekend and we can't wait...

Ok, that was a weird post, butt i'm in such a weird place (not Berlin, like, in my brain i mean) so it's no wonder.
I'm happy, though. Happy to be here and to be moving in to our new home for reals!