Saturday, November 10, 2012

The mother of dragons

Some more of them analog pictures, from a really good day.

On tuesday i got tattooed (yes, i will get to those pictures too, promise!) and after the session was done, we went back to Shige and Chisato's place for a Yokohama sleepover.
We usually go home to Tokyo every night, so it was kind of a nice change to not have to be on the train for an hour and a half after a session like that.
And it was of course nice to hang out outside of the shop too.

My session went really well, in the sense that i am still alive and my tattoo is finished.
I am not particularly strong, and i definitely squirm WAY too much, but i will say that going for big sessions like this one has become much easier for me since i learned to co-exist with my anxiety.*
Not having to worry and "what-if" in the days, hell, sometimes weeks, leading up to a session has made this part of my life so much easier and more enjoyable.
The pain still sucks as much as ever, maybe a little more each time, but not fearing it is pretty wonderful.
I still get nervous, though, but that's only normal, cause, hey, getting tattooed sucks!

We stayed up way too late that night, but slept in too.
Shige had a day off, so we decided to take a day trip to Kamakura (why do i always go hiking after long tattoo sessions?) which turned into an even better day trip to Enoshima.

Again with the violently happy Amalie.
I don't think anything could have spoiled my mood that day.
It was like Japan just decided to bombard me with magical shit, and i was more than happy to accept it.
Like, those dogs?
A whole gang of dogs, even more than in the picture, dressed as bees! You bet your ass i squealed! And it's possible i did a little dance too!

Even on relatively short trips like this one, when we don't even have a rail pass, we always end up having the best time ever.
Our reasons for going twice a year may not exist anymore, but i will never stop coming to Japan.

There was a super tall lighthouse on top is the island, with an elevator leading up to a viewing deck.
Yeah, i hate heights, but we all went up there anyway, and had the most amazing view of a misty Mount Fuji, Yokohama in the distance, and hawks flying all around us.
There were cats on the island too, of course, a candle light festival that we actually got to enjoy cause we stayed there so late, a cute little French Toast cafe where we ate our unhealthy lunch... and yeah, tons of other awesomeness.
And if you're wondering if i got one of those sweet shell dream catchers? No, but pretty close. I did get an awesome shell souvenir that will go in my new bathroom in Berlin.
Total score!

*I try never to say stuff like "control my anxiety" or "conquer it" or whatever.
Without getting into a whole rant about anxiety, the point is to learn to live with your heightened sensitivities, or whatever we wanna call it, and accept it as a part of your life and personality, instead of trying to deny or beat it.
I don't know if that makes any sense, but maybe i'll try to explain it better some other time!


  1. Oh hell I totally know what you're talking about with the anxiety. It always helps me if I tell Ryan or whoever I'm with (who knows how easily I freak out) that I'm feeling it and they understand that i might have to put my hood up and not talk very loud (that helps for some reason??)

  2. You're not alone on the anxiety front. Your photos are amazing. I'd lI've to visit Japan. It looks so magical

  3. is that sweet potato ice cream?? oh and that lantern looks so worried, bless him!

    I totally understand what you mean about not trying to control your anxiety; i've come to terms with the fact that i'm going to have to deal with depression my whole life so I just need to face it each time, get through it & it will pass. embrace it kinda? anyway I'm glad your dealing with yours

  4. Yes, fall is sweet potato season, so everything has sweet potato in it. I love it!

    Yeah, embrace it, exactly! And not feel so guilty about not being perfect and happy all the time.

  5. It sure is magical...

  6. Yeah, i agree. Not having to lie about having an "episode" or whatever, helps me too. It's funny how we all have our little tricks to help us cope!