Thursday, November 15, 2012


Here's one of them scheduled posts, cause i won't be blogging today.
Not only is it my last day in Tokyo, but it's also inkrat's only closed day during the week, so i couldn't blog even if i wanted to!

I believe i mentioned we went to Kamakura on Sunday, but i never posted any pictures, did i?
Well, here are some of them.
I think there are probably more on the film i'm currently finishing, so there might be a part two once i'm back home!

So, Sunday we were supposed to go to an antique market in Yokohama with Shige and Chisato, but for some reason the market was on Thursday to Saturday instead of Friday to Sunday, so we had to come up with a backup plan, and Kamakura was it.
I've been there twice before, but Allan had only been once, on our first Japan trip way back in 2004, so he was due for another visit.
Unfortunately it rained most of the day, but we still had a great day sightseeing and shopping and eating and hanging out... our favorite things, pretty much!
And even though we didn't go to the huge market, we still found the one thing i'd hoped to score there: an antique Maneki Neko.
So lucky!
He'll be traveling home with me in my hand luggage, that one.

The cat whisperer of Yokohama!

At Hasedera

Tiny Benzaiten 

Dinner back in Yokohama

Our treasure (and his little not-antique buddy)

See you back in Denmark for some "ohmygod, my dog is so cute hey internet have you seen how cute my dog is?!" posts.


  1. I know, it's the best, i wish there were kitties in all my posts!