Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fuzzy kappa and other Tokyo treasures

I rarely get any real love from Copenhagen.
And it's not cause my eyes aren't open.
Maybe that's why i'm leaving?

But Tokyo... Tokyo always has love for me, in some way.
Some days it's an owl at the park*, another day at the same location, it's a bluegrass band rehearsing.
Or a turtle soaking up some sun, or a smiling Shiba dog, or an extra friendly convenience store employee.

Here are some more randoms from around the city i love.
Allan and Hata in the sun, monkey street, Kōenji and Rainbow Bridge as seen from a fancy dinner cruise ship.**
Oh, and if you're wondering about band?
They were pretty good!

We're down to our last few days, and boy, do they fly by.
We're packed, though, so at least we can just enjoy our time here.
It's strange, not knowing when we'll be back here, but i'm sure it won't be long.
We can't seem to stay away.

*Right after writing this post a few days ago, i went back to the apartment to drop off some stuff, and on the way back to the shop, on the walking street, i ran into... you guessed it, owl guy!
What are the fucking odds?
I tried talking to him in Japanese, like last time, while taking some pictures (see my instagram), but as it turns out, his English is just fine! And he told me that he's opening an owl café here in Kōenji. Guess where i'll be spending all my time next time i'm here?
If you wanna know more about that awesome owl, and his family, they actually have a blog in English, so go check that out.

**So yeah, Rei had booked us all a dinner at a Tokyo cruise ship last weekend, but we got a little lost in the rental car on the way there, and because Allan had been working all day, we were late as it was.
When we finally got there, angry staff members where outside, rushing us in while shouting "hurry, hurry, 100 people are waiting for you!" in Japanese.
And remember, Japanese people rarely display anger... but on the other hand, Japanese people aren't normally late, so fair is fair!
We ran as fast as we could, so of course we were panting and sweating when we entered the dining hall. It was like being the last one on the plane, times about 20!
But in spite of our lateness, and my tendencies towards motion sickness, it was a nice evening.
Hata even called ahead to let them know that there was a vegetarian in our party, so i actually got to eat real food instead of just garnish and side salads. Pretty awesome!

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