Friday, November 23, 2012

From my cardboard fortress

Sorry for not being around, but my life solely revolves around boxes and putting things in them these days. Even now, i'm typing from within a fortress of cardboard and bubble wrap.
The movers are coming in less than a week to take every last thing we own and drive it to Berlin.
The next day, we'll be flying down there, with Lucifer, of course.
So yeah, in a week we'll be moving.
How fucking crazy is that?
It's gone from being a faraway dream to being solid fact in no time.
We'll still have a bunch of loose ends in Copenhagen, like an apartment that needs cleaning, and we're still gonna be back here for Christmas, but still... we are moving in a week.

There aren't a lot people i'm gonna miss in Copenhagen, but the ones i'm gonna miss, i'm gonna miss a shit ton.
One of those people, a dear old friend of mine, even contacted a bunch of our friends and my parents, and arranged a surprise breakfast at the shop on Wednesday together with our co-worker David.
So effing sweet! I was pretty moved, and genuinely shocked.
There's no photographic evidence of my face when i unknowingly walked into a kitchen full of people i love yelling "surprise!", but i'm pretty sure it looked a little something like this.
So yeah, those people in that kitchen? Those, and a few select others, i'm gonna miss, and i can't wait for all of them to come stay with us in Berlin.

No current photos this time, but i do have some Japan leftovers, as always, and these aren't even all of them.

Ok, back to packing!

Ps. Don't forget that i'm selling, or giving away, a bunch of clothes, shoes and kitchen stuff this Sunday, so feel free to drop by and say hi, and grab some stuff. You'll be doing me a huge favor!


  1. Wow! A week man, that's crazy. Crazy in a good way of course. It's going to be amazing. I hope everything goes well for you and can't wait to hear all about it. Hopefully Paul and I will actually see your new amazing shop/palace/huge building :)

  2. Kære Amalie.

    Jeg har læst med længe, aldrig sagt et pip.

    Rigtig, RIGTIG god flytning! Glæder mig til at følge med på sidelinien. Jeg syntes det er fedt i gør det!!


  3. Tusind tak, og tak fordi du gider følge med!!

  4. Yeah, it is pretty crazy, both good and bad!