Monday, November 12, 2012


I just got a film back, so naturally i'd much rather be posting that than stupid iPhone pictures, but hey, first things first, right?
This is gonna be a long one, so i put in one of those jump things, so if you wanna see the whole post (that includes my now finished tattoo) don't forget to click the little "read more" link, ok?

Today we had the kind of weather we should have had yesterday when we were out sightseeing in Kamakura, but we're obviously not the boss of the weather.
Too bad, though, cause it's lovely out now, and Allan is gonna be stuck inside tattooing all day.
But we have a day off together tomorrow, so here's hoping for more sun and unreasonably hot temperatures.

Lots has happened since last, like the Kamakura trip (that was actually supposed to be an antique market trip, but that's another story) yesterday with Shige and Chisato, and the Tokyo Bay dinner cruise we went on with Rei the day before yesterday.
Oh, and my lunch date in Asakusa with Kate the day before that.
Yes, lots to do here to keep us busy, but it's good. I don't know for sure when i'll be back, so i wanna have as many adventures as possible while we're here!

Ok, iPhone picture marathon coming up, pictures are from Yellow Blaze, Sankeien Garden, and Enoshima.
Oh, and i used a new photo app to edit these, as you will see.
I've used Camera+ for a long time, but i started to notice that the filters would blur the pictures, and it's not like they're that clear to begin with, so yeah, i'm experimenting now. 
A little too much maybe, but i was having fun!

These two...

My favorite lunch

Sick of these yet? I'm not!


I had to climb a few fences to get to this guy

Fancy humming-moth again... seriously the coolest insect!

Last backpiece photo session

My magical white fox insisted on a magical filter!

Morning in Yokohama

Remember the sweet Uzume? If you're a longtime reader you should, but either way, go and read the post about her, cause there are some adorable kitten pictures in it, and who doesn't love adorable kittens?

Cute train to Enoshima

Fall wardrobe

Beware? I wanna hang with them!

This guy missed the group shot

Argh, now i feel like i should have bought one!

Going up

I wish you could see Fuji-san in this picture, like you could in real life

iPhone selfies are required when sightseeing

One more, this one is from the French Toast cafe... i am in love with that frame

I'm glad we stayed late for this...

... especially cause i got to see this super cute cricket fella, who was being helpful by looking straight into the camera

And from the insta-files...
(1. Chrysantemums the size of my face... or hand, in this case 2. Nemui neko 3. This park is always full of elderly people, sketching and painting 4. Ok, last one... probably)

(1. Allan at break time during his rough session 2. Me on my way to get tattooed 3. Before it got really bad, haha! 4. Crows in Tokyo are impossible to photograph, but this guy was a real poser)

(1. More Uzume, who has gone from being a cute kitty, to the sweetest adult cat... a real success story! 2. Beware 3. Ok, done with these guys too... maybe... 4. Last lights)

We're actually going home in days now.
I am excited and sad and worried.
Excited to see Lucifer, sad to leave Japan, and worried about all the packing we have to do.
But mostly excited.

Today i went to Uniqlo and bought even more HeatTech.
The thought of spending a cold Berlin winter in a huge house is starting to make me paranoid, but i'd rather have too much warm clothing than not enough!


  1. YOUR TATTOOS LOOK SO GOOD!!! Was he actually using that gigantic machine?? I thought that was a joke on instagram.

  2. Oh, love hummingbird moths, I even have one tattooed on my arm... And that little mantis sticking out the head are adorable!
    Your leg looks awesome ^^

  3. That sounds so cool! I'd never seen one before, so i was amazed. And yeah, that little mantis guy was too cute!

  4. Thanks!! Just a joke for the internets, but it does actually run... i can't imagine it'd run well though!