Saturday, November 3, 2012

*Cough, sneeze*

So, we're in Japan, and the first few days here have been a little weird.
Always good, of course, cause i'm in japan and it's very hard for me to not be happy here, but still a little strange.
I caught a friggin airplane cold on the way here, so i've been a little sick, and on top of that, i caught something food related too, so i had a few pukey days i could have done without.
And, as if that wasn't enough, my jet lag has turned me into an insomniac.
Like, for real, i haven't slept in days!
I'm catching some delightful sunrises from our bedroom (our every-room, actually, since we're back in our small apartment this time) window, but i still hope i'll be back to normal soon, cause my brain is not cut out for this much late night pondering...

We haven't been out doing much, due to me feeling off, but we have done some Shinjuku walking, played the updated Taiko no Tatsujin (now with 100% more Pon Pon Pon!), taken a late night trip to Tower Records, which turned out to be closed for renovations (not cool!), and when we're done with getting tattooed on wednesday, i hope we'll have time for lots more little inside-Tokyo trips, since we're officially too poor to leave the city this time around.
It doesn't matter, thought, i'm perfectly fine just being in Tokyo to be honest.

Our apartment doesn't have any wifi, not even a weak signal from a naive neighbor, so i've been doing my internetting at the shop, just like old times, and while i hate having to spam my followers on instagram once a day (and twitter is downright useless when you're not able to post the moment you think of something clever), it's kinda nice to not be online all the time.
I'm almost done reading a book, which i seriously doubt i would have done if we'd had internet, so yeah, that's kind of ok, actually.

We had an amazingly clear view of Fuji-san flying into Narita this time... it literally made us gasp

Not many photos to post yet, but i'll be back soon with more Japan goodness.
Until then, think healing thoughts, so i can get better in time for my tattoo appointment!


  1. I'm in Tokyo too! But I live here. ;)

  2. Holy cow, Is that Fuji san? Awesome. That looks so cool and so small!