Saturday, November 17, 2012

Back home

Ahh, it's, uhm, good to be back.
It is?!
Yeah, it's actually kind of ok.

We came home last night and took the metro out to my parents Copenhagen apartment.
My mom had made a delicious welcome home dinner, and my dad drove us, and our many suitcases home, after eating and catching up.
I'd missed them!
It's not like we've been away long, actually it's been shorter than our usual trips, but sometimes you just miss your family.
And dog, of course!
Lucifer was happy to see us, and we were happy to see him.

We had a decent sleep, and this morning we woke up early and started packing right away.
Well, ok, after having a few obligatory cortados at the coffee shop.
We've pretty much been packing all day, and even though the living room is now full of boxes, there appears to be almost as much stuff as before.
This is gonna be a long and tough process, but hey, we already knew that!

Here are some more iPhone leftovers from Japan, mostly from our last day in Tokyo, and a few from today.
So yeah, maybe it is ok to be back, but damn do i miss Tokyo anyway.
We've been listening to Jpop all day, if there should be any doubts!

 Koi at Sankeien

Shopping at Kiddy Land with Rilakkuma!

My usual at Ootoya

Last day, lunch with my friend Ros in Kōenji

Lunch AND cake

More Kōenji

Hello there, crazy eyes

So apparently there are just enough vegetarians in Tokyo to make a magazine!

Gorgeous sky on the way to Shinjuku to meet Allan and Hata

 I wasn't supposed to do any more shopping, but then we went to gu and Kyary-chan told me to buy a sweater and cause i'm a good little fashion monster, i did

Still on our last day, we went to a friends concert and Allan and Hata created this, ahem, masterpiece


First coffee back home was a good one, obviously

Look at this handsome boy! I swear he got cuter while we were gone...

One thing i'm not enjoying about being back is the cold.
Fuck, did it ever get cold.
Oh, and the fact that the company that was supposed to scrap our car, decided to sell it to a criminal who stole gas and got parking tickets, in our name, wasn't the nicest of surprises either.
It's being taken care of, though, but still so annoying.

Ok, time to pack some more!


  1. I read, every post! I'm just bad at commenting. I also enjoy your "twitting" everyday! (Stalker warning).

  2. Aw, thanks, it's nice to know you're out there! And don't feel bad about not commenting, i'm just being whiny today, haha!

  3. I've forgotten how creepy the koi in Japan is, with their gulping mouths!

  4. Yeah? I love them, they kinda look like they're singing without any sound! Ok, i see how that's creepy.