Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ready to trek out

I was hoping to share my photos from the last London trip before embarking on the next one, but since we leave in a few hours, that is not looking very likely.
They were good, though, it's just that they gave them to me on paper instead of a disc, so i have to scan the damn things myself, and well, haven't had the time.
So later, when they're super not relevant anymore and nobody gives a rat's ass!

So our reason for going to London again so soon is the Star Trek convention being held there this weekend.
My first in my what... 16 years of being a fan? Something like that, so i wish i could be more excited, but moving to Berlin pretty much trumps every other thing in my brain these days.
But i'm sure i'll get into the spirit once we're there, all dressed up, surrounded by our geek tribe!

I made dresses, mine is the red one and i plan to wear it with my Lita's... it's very short!

Sarah found a nice apartment not too far from the convention, so i am actually looking forward to being in London, but not staying at the Ibis!
And hey, it has wifi, so there won't be another 4 day twitter and instagram blackout this time (i'm @floraamalie on both, just so ya know).
Ok, gotta go, i've been force-hugging my dog all day, cause i won't see him for a whole friggin month, so i still have a few things to take care of before we leave!


  1. have fun! i have yet to go to any kind of convention in all my years of being a nerd. well, except a pug convention and that isn't the same thing, hah!

  2. I went to one when I was 10 and met Deanna Troi. It was the highlight of my life :)
    I still have my old tricorder, I should sell it