Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mondays all around

I bought a bunch of sleep medication today cause i haven't slept right, sometimes not at all, in weeks.
It's not nerves or anxiety, or at least i don't think it is.
It's just a phase, and they pass, but it's one that's starting to drive me crazy, and crazy is something i don't need right now.

Today has been full of little "arh, shit, seriously?!" moments and seeing as i was here two hours early, i am pretty much toast.
Let's go home and watch some Supernatural, huh, husband?
Yeah, that sounds like a fine plan.

I was scanning my London Convention (the tattoo one, not the Trek one) photos this morning, when i was interrupted by yet another moving company coming to assess exactly just how much junk we have. It was the last company, thanks god, and i think i'm ready to choose.
So yeah, no London photos today, but i did come across this draft post with old pictures from the lakes and the flea market.
I actually need a table like that, but i don't know if i should buy it before or after we move?
I guess after would be the smart choice, but i just don't know what kind of antiques are cheap and common in Berlin, not like i do in Copenhagen!
Just one of the many challenges of moving, right?


  1. I went to a couple of the flea markets in Berlin and I didn't think the prices were that steep. But then I didn't get to check any in Copenhagen to compare. But I think I felt that things were cheaper in Berlin because of the exchange rate.

  2. I think the prices in Berlin are generally better, but i just don't know much about the types of furniture they have. But i guess i'll find out!