Tuesday, October 9, 2012

And then October happened

Man, i am so sorry it's been so long!
Mostly i'm sorry for me, cause i was really enjoying all that regular blogging i had going on, but whatever... life really does get in the way sometimes.

Last time i was here, i was sick and whining about having to go to London and work.
And i was totally entitled to all that whining, cause i actually ended up getting even more sick, and having to work even harder than last year!
It was fun though.
Like, 50% terrible and 50% awesome.
And that's pretty much the same as every year, whether i'm sick or not, so i guess it wasn't that much different than a regular year.

I had a bunch of London tales to tell you, but i think my snot brain must have deleted them, cause nothing springs to mind...
In short, we came, got settled in at the convention, and stayed at the same awful hotel that we've been staying at since the first London convention ever. We worked a bunch, i lost my voice on Friday night, and got a new, slightly more Tom Waits-y one back on Saturday. And i got really loopy from too much cold medicine on Sunday.
We ate good food a few nights, and really bad food one night after waiting around in the hotel restaurant for a good 40 minutes for someone to at least take our drink order.
Seriously, if you for some reason end up staying at the Ibis London City (but really, don't), do not eat at their restaurant. The staff there are both rude and incompetent to a degree i've never seen elsewhere, and after eating there for far too many years, i can say with certainty that they're only getting worse.
Oh, and if you do end up there (but seriously, why would you?) and they don't serve you, and you leave cause you're starving, don't go down the street and get a veggie burger, or any burger, at "Perfect Fried and Grill". Spoiler alert: not perfect at all!
Anyway. Not much partying this year, but we did go to the bar on Sunday night where i had chamomile tea like a boss while everyone else where getting beers.
Yeah, i party hard.

We got to see some of our awesome friends, and i met a few people i only knew on instagram before, and that was actually pretty cool.
 I also brought my camera, cause i'd planned to go photo crazy, but being sick and super busy at the booth, i didn't even shoot a full film.
But the pictures i did take are being developed now, and i should have them on Thursday.
It'll be interesting to see what's on that film, cause i honestly don't remember!

Here are a few iPhone shots, just so there's something, anything to look at here.
Wow, this is not a triumphant return to blogging.
Not at all.
I'll do better next time, i promise!

Allan did a lot of tattoos from his flash, and a bunch of hand tattoos

Me and Corey were both walking around with Trek-lit in our bags... (from Marina's instagram)

The view from the Ibis is just spectacular

Mysterious awesomeness from my talented husband

If you're wondering what's going on with our Berlin plans, i'll hopefully be able to put an actual date on that shit this week.
We are going down there on Friday and i am beyond excited.
I may or may not have made a decorating book, complete with drawings and clippings and wallpaper ideas and stuff like that.

Ok, gotta go walk the dog before it starts raining again.
Copenhagen weather is pure evil today.


  1. Well London next time will be 100% awesome! Looking forward to catching up :)

  2. AHAHAHA that hotel sounds amaz- no, wait. Terrible. But I do like that you had a Tom Waits voice, that's hot.

  3. Welcome back to the internetz :)