Monday, September 24, 2012

Windy city

Aaaaahhh, Copenhagen is the worst today!
It's gloomy and rainy and windy and i hate it.
So... how's everyone else doing?

We're busy getting our shit together for the London Convention this weekend.
Currently, Allan is painting flash and i am printing photos for his portfolio.
You know, stuff that we usually do the day before leaving.
As always, i am not excited about going.
It's just work, and even though it's nice to see friends, there's about a million things i'd rather be doing.
And spending a ton of money on plane tickets and the worst hotel known to man, when i just wanna be saving up for moving, is pretty frustrating too.
Hopefully we'll sell a lot of merch and at least break even.

Here are some summer pictures.
Summer wasn't great, as i may have mentioned once or twice, but it sure beats this bullshit.
Fall. Ugh.
These pictures are from Bisserup.
My mom is gonna kill me.

Man, i sound negative today!
I'm not, actually, it's just monday and we're still waiting for potential life-changing news.
Stuff like that can't happen fast enough, and it's not happening fast at all!
Fingers crossed.
All of them.


  1. Jeg synes hun ser sød ud med is-overskæg :)
    Krydser fortsat alle fingre og piggies!

  2. I think that's an awesome picture of your mom! If she doesn't love it, she's crazy!

  3. I know what you mean about London. Last time we went, I was so disappointed and we did stay in the worst hotel ever. It's still lovely to see pictures of Denmark. And you guys did have a fleetingly great summer.

  4. Well, she is kinda crazy, actually!

  5. I wouldn't mind going there on a small vacation, but work, and there? No, not my favorite thing.

  6. A rainy Copenhagen doesn't sound that good. Love the last pic.


  7. the pic of your mom is adorable!! hope your news comes fast!!