Saturday, September 8, 2012

When city meets country

This is one of those "i can't believe i didn't bring my real camera" days.
I don't have many of those days here in Copenhagen, cause there isn't always that much to see besides the usual lakes and swans, but when you once in a while meet something out of the ordinary, it's nice to be prepared.
And i wasn't.

Earlier today i went into the city to try on some roller skates. Don't ask.
But on the way from the center to Nørrebro, where i had some errands too, i ran into a bunch of farm animals. Seriously, how lucky was that?
Obviously i basically threw down my bike so i could go pet all the animals. And instagram them, of course.

First  i saw the piggies... i love piggies!

They had perfect little tails

King of ze pigs!

Then i saw the calves

One was sleeping, maybe as a way to deal with all the attention

The other one tried to eat me

God, they're just so pretty, aren't they?

 When i headed back to my bike, i spotted these guys too!

 Not quite as social as the other guys, but cute nonetheless

Without sounding too saved, i've found that i enjoy interacting with animals even more now that i've stopped eating them... i'm in no way perfect, but i do feel less guilty!

This week i got a goodie package from Catherine in Hong Kong... so much awesomeness!

In sadder news, Jean-Luc the Car didn't pass his inspection, so we're not allowed to drive him anymore... so sad, he was a good car and even though i've never been the one driving him, i'm gonna miss him

Like i mentioned in my last post, we sold the old couch, bought a cheap new one, and stole the lounge chair from the shop... voila!

This is how we got it from the shop to our home... in the rain... and this was while we were still allowed to drive our car!

When i was done petting the animals, i went to the Asian supermarket, and then to a 10 kr store to get some pots for my plants.
It was while i was in there i realized that i'd left my beloved denim jacket somewhere along the way... in the roller skate shop, or wait, yes, next to the baby cow!
I was really annoyed, and worried, and rode back there as fast as i could, too fast considering i was on a pedestrian street.
When i got back there they were packing up, but my jacket was still there, now full of cow drool, and i was so friggin relieved, but still annoyed and sweaty.
That was until a guy sitting on the walking street started playing the Star Wars theme on a friggin "blokfløjte"... that's a wooden flute, by the way, but i don't know what this particular kind is called in English, or if the word is anywhere near as funny as it is in danish!
Anyway, i'm glad i didn't miss that, which i would have if i wasn't my usual clumsy and forgetful self.

Goddamn it... i still can't believe i didn't bring my camera.

Update: my dad, who is all-knowing when it comes to musical instruments, has informed me that a "blokfløjte" is called a "recorder" in English. Which, is like, nowhere near as funny as in Danish.


  1. A change can make all the difference. I'm trying to change things around my house a bit so I feel like my holiday wasn't that long ago.

  2. I mostly change things around here, so i can stand living here a little longer. I really wanna move!