Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Off to bed, but first...

The last time i blogged it was still summer, at least kind of, and now it's fall and i'm sleepy all the time. What the hell happened?

All of our guests have gone home and things are about to get back to normal, whatever that is.
We miss them, but it'll be nice to have time to do the occasional bit of blogging, and having our wedding anniversary yesterday all to ourselves wasn't bad either.

Oh, and another thing; if they hadn't gone home i'd still be having daily cake and milkshakes and burgers like i was the one on vacation, so for the sake of me ever fitting into my pants again, it's good that they all left.
Not kidding about the pants, they seriously don't fit, so today i made green smoothies for breakfast, walked to and from work, made a pretty healthy dinner (first home cooked meal in weeks) and i'm gonna be going to bed slightly hungry, instead of full to the point of wanting to puke.
Yeah, about friggin time...

Despite being back to normal, we have an exciting month ahead of us.
I hope i'm mentally ready for the crazy to continue.
I guess crazy is what normal looks like around here.

This post might be a little picture heavy, but i haven't had any time to post these and i have a film ready to be picked up tomorrow.
Sorry and enjoy!

 Brother and nephew in Bisserup

About to go sailing


Magical sand forest

Run, Lucifer

Heading back in

Masumi the explorer


Green doors

Bisserup, always good for a spectacular sunset

Tomorrow we're selling our couch.
It has been a good couch to us, and i'm gonna miss it, but change is needed. Change is good.
I already found a new, old one that we're picking up on Thursday.
And no, that wasn't the crazy stuff ahead...!


  1. Nice shot of Allan selling crack :)

  2. The finest crack there is!