Monday, September 10, 2012

First and last

I'm still a little upset about that eBay thing.
Upset is too strong a word, i'm just a little annoyed.
I was really on a roll with whole cleaning out and selling stuff thing this summer, and now i'm stuck; not sure if i should agree to some completely unreasonable terms, or just toss everything in a charity bin?!

Oh well, while i think about that some more, here are a few more August summer shots from around Copenhagen.

My dog is very well behaved and would never beg strangers for baby food... ahem...

First and last swim of the year at the harbor bath, all by myself, while Allan and Matt went to Pizza Hut

A quick ride through Nyhavn that same day

Wanna go for a beer?

We're taking a quick trip to Berlin on Wednesday, right when the weather, which is unusually summer-like today, drops back to it's normal fall temperature. Dammit.
Allan is tattooing Sarah, whose new Trek tattoo needs to be done in time for our first Star Trek convention in October, so maybe we'll spend most of the trip inside the shop anyway?

I think i'm gonna take Lucifer out for a little walk, and maybe sit for a while by the lakes.
I have a feeling this'll be my last dress-and-no-tights day this year, so i better enjoy it.

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