Wednesday, September 5, 2012

All about Cph

Hey, look who has a day off!
So yeah, i decided to stay home today, because it's "selling-the-couch-day" which meant that it was also "cleaning-the-couch-day", and "vacuuming-where-the-couch-used-to-be-day".
It's weird, giving up things that have served you well and become a part of your life.
It used to be impossible for me to ever get rid of anything because i would attribute human emotions to inanimate objects. I got better, but still, if you told me that i was upsetting the couch by selling it, i'd probably cry! Damn sensitivity...
But still, i stayed home, cleaned, and sold the couch.
Lucifer was not pleased.

Here are some recent pictures.
Recent, of course, means iPhone shots, but whatever, they'll do. At least until the new iPhone (that hopefully has a better camera) comes out next week!
I'm not the only one who's waaay to excited about that, am i?

I have a lot of stuff on my mind today, and i wish i could share instead of  being cryptic.
I miss over sharing with the internet!
I feel like all i ever write these days is "no time to blog, busy" or "i have this thing going on, but i can't talk about it".
I know my blog used to get a little too personal at times, but damn, this doesn't feel personal enough!
Soon. Hopefully.

Lunch and cake and tea with Sarah and Wendy at Royal Café
 Copenhagen courtyard

We had smushies inside and cake outside

A nice green tea in pretty floral cups

Copenhagen was pretty that day

I made a denim vest for Lucifer, who is now 300% more bad ass

That day i wore a cap and actually liked it

Out by the flea market

Such a great day with these great people... we saw jellyfish too!

Taking a canal tour with Matthew and Wendy, like proper tourists

I like Nyhavn

We went to Tivoli too that day... Matthew won a gorilla for Lucifer

Did you know that cotton candy is called "candy floss" in Denmark and "fairy floss" in Australia?

Matthew went on this hellish ride from hell, and the rest of us looked on in horror

Pretty summer sky

This was our wedding anniversary: riding around town on Allan's bike

We had some pretty spectacular weather for our day off

We also ate ice cream and watched SG-1, and i wore my pretty new dress (not pictured, cause it kinda makes me look fat... like, fatter than i am)

The next day, we were back to these... i'm gonna really try to stick to healthy eating for a while

Tomorrow is "getting-a-new-old-couch-day"!
I'm pretty excited cause i've been wanting something like it for, like, a year now.
I think Allan secretly hates it, though!


  1. What a good looking group of guys and gals, seriously. And fairy floss is hilarious but it kind of makes sense if you think about it.

  2. What lovely photos! Candy floss is also called candy floss in the UK.

    Looking forward to hearing about your cryptic news soon!

  3. love love love love.... love love. love love love love. love love love love? love love!

    Didn't know what else to say about this lovely post

  4. That vest! So awesome!

    You look like you've been having fun :) How cute is Allan up there ^^^ ?! You pair are too cute x

  5. I love Lucifer's vest, it's perfect!

  6. I do the saaaame thiiing with stuff. That's why I have so much in storage! I can't bear to make any of it sad. We need some sort of intervention.. Or more space to keep things..

  7. I'm getting better at it, but honestly, i probably couldn't get any worse.

  8. They're Royal Copenhagen.

  9. Thanks, i'm pretty happy with how it turned out!

  10. So friggin cute!!

  11. Du er sødest og jeg eeeelsker dig!!

  12. Looking forward to sharing!

  13. It does, but still... fairies!? Ha!