Sunday, August 5, 2012

Coming to an end

We still still have one day left of our little staycation, and i'll be sad to see it over.
Well, not super sad, cause i do need to get back to work, but with a busy month ahead of us, i can't help but stress out a little at the thought. Just a little, though.

On Friday i went off on my own. And i actually left the city.
Allan had to paint, and my whole family was in the country together, so i decided to go see them, just for a day.
I took the train down there, sans Lucifer, for once, and had a great day, walking with my mom, relaxing in the garden with my sweet nephew, and of course, boiling a skull. Yeah, i may have smelled like corpse riding home on the train at night, but there weren't a lot of people on it anyway.
I don't particularly like going on longer trips with public transportation, but it's good for me to challenge my anxiety once in a while, and of course it went just fine.

On Saturday, Nick came to visit. I mean, he's here for the whole month, but he arrived yesterday.
Me and Allan decided to go on a surprise spy mission  to the airport to pick him up, and it worked... a lot better than expected too. Our super spy disguises were so good, Nick actually didn't recognize us!
Or Lucifer, cause his disguise was pretty epic too. Success!
Later that night, we went out for cocktails at a tiki bar (yeah, Copenhagen actually has one of those), because it was our friend Martin's birthday. I haven't been out in a while and it was fun! Brief though, cause we needed to get back to Nick and Lucifer.
Social gatherings are on the anxiety list too, so that was another little trip outside my comfort zone. Yup, two in one weekend. Go me!

Today is full on day off. Coffee and homemade brunch and ice cream. The whole thing.
I'm hanging out with Lucifer, who's been really sick for a few days (but he's doing much better) and Allan is in the other room, doing computer works.

Oh, the other room, i forgot this part!
So earlier this week, our staycation turned into Redecorathon 2012 when we got sick of having my grandfathers old closet standing around the apartment in pieces. It had only been standing here unassembled for a year, but still!
So we assembled that, took the old one apart and put it up for sale. And while we were at it, did the same with our bed, cause we've hated it since forever. And once the bedroom was, well, nice actually, we moved on to the work room, which is now also a pretty nice place to hang out.
It was a lot of work, and a lot of things ended up in the trash, but i feel so much better about our home now.
Like, not ashamed to have people over, even!
I still want to move, badly, but there's no reason not to wait in style, you know?
I don't know why it took us so long to realize that.

In Bisserup, walking with my mom... so many birds, you can't even tell

Loveliest weather

My brother Tobias and his son Gilbert... and Carla, of course

Another one of Gilbert, who's pretty much the sweetest baby

I caught the sunset before heading back to the city

Being all incognito at the airport...

(1. Found some prints we're getting framed, can't wait to get them back 2. Got a little coffee table for the work room, but we took it out for coffee first 3. A table type thing i built 4. A fantastic picture of my grandpa 5. Bisserup 6. Gilbert! 7. Lucifer the spy! 8. Agent Allan and Agent Flora, staking out the arrivals 9. Martin getting his Zombie on... 10. We put this up today... the work room is still a work in progress, but it's looking pretty good!)

A larger view of our epic disguises... i think the mustaches are a nice touch

Allan likes Stargate SG1 now.
I love that he's into it, but on the other hand, this was my alone show, so now what?
We recently got netflix, so today i'm watching Supernatural.
It's scary, though!
Why didn't anyone warn me?


  1. Those disguises crack me up. 

  2.  Thanks, it was fun! Really hot, actually, but fun!

  3. You know its going to be a good blog post when there is a sentance that ends with....."and of course, boiling a skull." haha