Friday, August 10, 2012

A picture for the weekend

It would appear that Lucifer,who just got better, is sick again.
And poor Allan has a cold.
And well, i don't feel so hot either.
Friday night... woo?

So here's a picture to cheer me up, and maybe you as well?

Snoopy the Golden Retriever after a swim last Friday

I got my pictures back yesterday and most of them, especially the ones from Bisserup around the time of my dad's birthday, are pretty great.
But the Berlin ones? Ehh, not so much.
I didn't know i had a Lomo slide film in there and, well, they're pretty grainy.
Fun for toy camera stuff, but a little disappointing when you're expecting something nicer.
And all i see when i look at most of them is what they could have been.
I guess that's what you get for not really caring what kind of film you put in your camera!

But hey, the dog picture turned out good, so at least there's that!

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