Thursday, July 12, 2012

Wardrobe malfunctions

We're about a month away from the next Copenhagen Burlesque party, and i think it's probably about time i start planning.
As usual i am all over eBay, looking at outfits that my body should in no way leave the house in (catsuits... i look at catsuits... i don't even...), but i still have no clue what to wear.
However, i think i'll try to go for something a little less burlesque-y, and a little more insane-y looking this time.
So no fancy hats, i think. Although i do love an excuse to wear a hat, and of course make one!

Don't worry, i won't ask you to come up with ideas for me...
But if you have one, you know where the comments section is!

 Previous events... i wish i'd had my Lita's for the February event, dammit!

Maybe i'll try to get inspired by my current j-pop obsession, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu?
Cause seriously, she's so awesome.

I even have a wig that would work...

And hey, my cake hat could totally work for this look!
Ok, i'll think on it some more.


  1. Omg that tapestry bag!!!! Need! You would look amazing in a cat suit. Loving your Kyary Pamyu Pamyu idea though! I want to come to the Cph burley party :( haha

  2. You are so adorable.  You could totally pull off a catsuit!  But crazy is awesome!!!  And any excuse to wear fantastic wigs and lashes!  So amazing!!!  

  3. If you're looking for insane-ish inspirations from Japan, then Vivienne Sato can absolutely be a good source for that.
    He has the crazies wigs and clothes and is overall an awesome person.

    Fb here:
    And her japanese blog:

  4. Flea market find. i love that bag too!
    August 11th, there are still tickets, come on over!

  5.  I totally can't! I mean, my body is fine, but it's not catsuit fine. Belly ouch issues, haha! But yes, i love an excuse to go crazy with wigs and makeup, it's so much fun!

  6. Yes, exactly the right kind of crazy! Thanks!

  7. YAAAH do your hair like that, that'd be insane!

  8.  My wig is actually pretty similar to hers, it might be possible!

  9. If only! I'd love to jump on a plane and hang out. Can't wait to see your outfit. I bet it looks awesome.

    You are coming to London in October for Trek though?

  10. PLEASE do a kyary look! i am OBSESSED with her right now too. she is so creative and crazy and amazing!