Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mid week Sunday

Two unexpected days off in a row is pretty much the best thing ever.
And much needed, might i say, after being apart for an extended weekend.
We've been out walking, hanging with friends, drawing (me) and working on the computer (him).
But that's ok, he recently bought a laptop, so for once we're actually in the same room. Damn nice.

Right now we're listening to records.
Later we might play xbox.
It almost makes me forget about non-summer and cold and rain.

Here's some more from my latest film, all from either Vesterbro or the shop.

Gorgeous husband looking gorgeous

 Tomato plant that has gotten three tiny tomatoes since i took this
From Allan's birthday, after the Steve McCurry exhibition

Lucifer in my office

Preparing for witch night

My lovely flower/herb box that i got from my parents, inspired by this one


I listed a few things on eBay today (click here to see what).
It's been years since i've used eBay for selling, so i figured it was about time i tried it again, as etsy is only for handmade and vintage, and some of the used clothes i have aren't vintage-old.
Also, i like the auction format, it's fun.
I'll be putting up more later and tomorrow too, so check back!


  1. These are so lovely, film is beautiful.  I love how lucifer has tucked his little nose under his leg, my little pup does that!

  2.  He loves tucking his nose under stuff, it's the cutest!