Monday, July 9, 2012

Last Japan

I went to work today, cause i felt pretty good this morning, but the shop is drafty and i started to feel like my cold was getting worse, so i ended up leaving early.
Not completely sure i'll be going in tomorrow at all.
Most of my work can be done on my laptop at home anyway, and faster too, since my nails are now too long to type on the raised mac keyboard!

Copenhagen is so miserable today.
We Danes have been joking about getting another year with no summer, but i don't think any of us actually believed it would happen.
Oh, it's happening alright.

Here's Japan. Japan is nice and better. Even when it rains.
We've been over this before, but i'll say it again. Better.

Anti nuclear parade in Kōenji (on this day)


Rain and sun across from a favorite shopping spot


From our apartment

Shabby kitty

Beautiful evening light

Old street, always so pretty

I'm making a painting that is not turning out the way i wanted it to.
They rarely do, but some are worse than others.
Why is it so hard to paint what's already right there in your head?
I hate not being good at stuff. Hate it.


  1. Hello you, don't be so hard to your self. I know it's easy to say, and I know I wouldn't want to hear it as well, when I'm in the same mood like you. But make the best out of the now, and not of the past (even it's so beautiful as seen on your photos). Try to be happy because you are, what you are, and like every other person, you are not perfect and you can't do everything perfect what you want to do perfect.

    Someone who isn't also good in some stuff

  2. Try not to be so hard on yourself love. I know exactly what you mean, if I'm not amazing at something right away I give it the fuck up and look at it with resentment for the rest of my days.  Art especially totally eludes me, so I'm already in awe of you for trying it (and I'm sure rocking it).

  3. Love your pictures. One day I will get to Japan..., one day!

    I bet your painting is beautiful but you know I get the whole 'feeling like you suck' but remember lets do it for fun! Haha I'll have to remember the 'just for fun' on Sunday when I have a mental break down when it doesn't go right

  4. I find myself agreeing with Claire more and more but she's right, remember do it for fun (like me and crochet - can't do it for love nor money but I'm determined to have fun)!!  Tokyo is crappy, humid and rainy today so I can safely say that you're not missing much on this side of the world.

    aaaand, I love your paintings too :-) Especially the maneki neko you painted for your nephew!

  5.  Thanks for your comment. Don't think i'm unhappy because i complain, though. I am pretty happy, overall :)

  6.  Not rocking it, but doing it for sure! There's a lot of back info on why this particular medium is annoying the crap out of me, but i'll try to get into that here some day.

  7.  Sunday will be fun, no mental breakdowns, just painting and supporting each other!

  8.  I do have fun doing it, but part of the fun, for me anyway, is progress, and when i'm not seeing enough of it, i get frustrated.
    And i still prefer rainy and humid Tokyo to rainy and cold Copenhagen any day!

  9. Hehe. so many things I can relate to in this post. (and that scooter on the photo with the doggie is the same as the one I use everyday in Paris. Those little Hondas are so cool :) )

  10. flotte flotte Japaner billeder... sejt med solskin

  11. COME VISIT, we have the sun here now! It's summer! 

  12.  Man, that's awesome. I wish i had a scooter!

  13.  We do have a bit of vacation time coming up, but we do not have the moneys for that kind of travel right now :(