Friday, July 6, 2012


You guys, i am currently losing my mind.
Possibly literally.
I've been working on a sales page for the blog since late last night, cause etsy and i are taking a little break (no drama there, by the way, i just felt like trying out something else), but my plans have been halted indefinitely by paypal.
In the beginning it was working fine, or so i though, but then... i'm getting a little angry just thinking about it, those damn "buy now" button generators started acting up. I'll make a button identical to a previous one that worked fine, and it'll just link to paypal instead of the transaction. I'll go back, change it, make it again, the same as the one that works and... it just doesn't!
I went through the same thing recently with the shop t-shirts, but that was just one button, this is many.
And i have to go into a really long html post and find the correct section every time, not to mention log out of paypal to see if it works, then log back in and try it all again when it doesn't.

I just really, really hate it when i'm almost done making something, and some stupid fucking tool that i need in order to make the whole thing function, just won't friggin cooperate!
And on top of that, i have a cold, currently the sneezing-every-three-seconds kind, and my husband is at Roskilde Festival, having a ton of fun and leaving me here with faulty technology and a restless 8 year old puppy... wow, being this tense is so not helping with my cold, i think i actually feel worse!

So... how have you been?

This weekend, Saturday till Tuesday to be more accurate, we went to the country.
It was really nice, and my dad's party went really well, and i'll blog some more about that when i've gotten my films developed. I have a feeling they're gonna be 90% sunsets and thistles, though!
But i do have a few instagram shots (that i am still hosting on photobucket, cause blogger is still fucking awful too!) to share at least.

Looks so different with no frames, huh?
(1. My hammock that i bought last year, but never got a chance to test because summer never came 2. Sail trip 3. With the Germans! 4. Fedet, you know, where we go skull hunting 5. The night of the party... someone was feeding the seagulls 6. My parents, they can occasionally be romantic 7. Allan and the doggies 8. After swimming, you need cuddles 9. Lovely view, right before going home 10. Masumi, our house guest for the weekend)

Ok, i'm gonna leave the computer for a few hours and head over to the couch and see what that crazy SG-1 team is up to!


  1. Did you sing either "I'm on a boat" or "BOATS AND HOS"?  Hm. I don't know how to type the plural of "ho". Hoes? Hose? Hos? Ho's? hahaha

  2. aw, I feel your pain, paypal is an actual nightmare!! I hope it works out... Beautiful pics though! xxx

  3.  We did in fact sing "I'm on a boat"... and it's hoes, i think? Or ho's? Damn, that's a tough one!

  4.  Thanks, i can't believe their tools are so... retarded, for lack of a better word. how did they monopolize this market in the first place?