Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday night hat rants

Right now, i still wouldn't mind tossing my laptop out the window, perhaps after using it one final time to compose a million hate mails to blogger and paypal, but at least i finally managed to finish the new shop section of the blog. Hat shop section, that is, the thrifty part is still closed... kind of...
God, this place is a mess.

Anyway, i've been taking a little etsy break since April, but i was starting to feel weird about not having anything for sale anywhere, and so i though, why not here?
So there it is, up in the pages under the header... a shop.
I will eventually update it, cause i actually have a bunch of newer pieces that have just never been photographed, but i think i need the internet rage to subside first. That and i need those pictures too, of course.
Anyway, check it out, and try not to comment on irregular line breaks or my head might explode.

Here are a few pictures i took with the Canon last month, before shipping out this custom piece to the lovely Innina from Switzerland.
It's kind of a remake of the hat i wore to the first burlesque party, only nicer, i hope.

This was my last bird skull, by the way.
I was hoping to find more this weekend in the country, but apparently July is not dead-bird season in Bisserup. Who knew?
I did find one (slightly too fresh) seagull, that i managed to decapitate with two rocks, but since we didn't have any of our skull boiling gear with us, i decided to try and bury it and see if nature wouldn't be nice enough to clean it for me.
We'll see next time we're down there, i guess!

That wallpaper... always such a great back drop

I think the pearl details were an improvement from the original


  1. I love those! Very unique.  How do you prepare the skulls, just out of curiosity?  This is something I know nothing about!

  2.  Well, the best way is to boil them for a really, really long time, but we didn't have our hot plate with us, and you need to do it outside cause it stinks.
    Alternatively, if the skull is almost clean, you can soak it for a couple of minutes in a chlorine/water solution, but you gotta be careful with the chlorine cause it can destroy the skull. If it's totally old and clean already, just a good wash with an old toothbrush will do!
    And for the hats, i put the pieces back together to make a whole skull, and lacquer them a bunch.