Sunday, July 15, 2012

A day on Nørrebro

Today we had a late breakfast at Young and Rabu's place.
It was delicious and i love visiting their awesome apartment, and lively, un-Copenhagen-like street.
After breakfast we went for a walk through the cemetery.
We ended up at the shop, that was our plan all along, where Allan locked himself in the photo lab with Bruce Springsteen, while i did some major cleaning, organizing and redecorating.
Much needed.
I also painted for a little while in the drawing room, with Lucifer and Billie Holiday for company.

I loved the shop today.
Which means i loathed coming home to my apartment on Vesterbro.
I don't know why, but it seems i can only like one of my homes at any given time, never both.
Kind of... unpractical, but that's how it is.

Tomorrow we're going to one of the bigger indoor flea markets cause Allan needs... well, he needs stuff, that's all i can say for now.
Me, i'm gonna try my best not to buy anything.
I am after all trying to get rid of crap, not hoard more of it.
Yeah right, good luck with that, me.

I didn't bring my camera today, cause the film i have in it at the moment prefers sunny weather.
Which means, considering the weather, that i'll never get to finish it, i guess!

We were supposed to babysit Masumi again today, but her mom decided to bring her along with her anyway... good thing Lucifer doesn't know about this!

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