Saturday, July 21, 2012

Brighter days

Oh, i have had the best Saturday and it's not even over yet.
The sun is shining for once and while we sat outside the coffee shop, it started getting warmer too. Yay!

I've been to the post office to ship out eBay orders, and i've been in the city on bike, shopping with Allan and Lucifer. 
I got a pair of flat sandals, cause it looks like the weather is improving.
I got a weekend bag, cause i'm gonna need one next week.
I got 4 seasons of Stargate SG-1, cause i'm gonna be home alone tonight... and other nights too, i'm sure!
Allan got some photo gear and we both got pizza slices.
And we visited some friends and ran into other ones.
Oh, and we had milkshakes. Let's not forget the milkshakes!

Here's what i think might be the last of my Bisserup roll.
Maybe. There might be one more post hiding out in my drafts somewhere, i can't be sure.
I've spiced up the post with a few of my mom's wonderful watercolors from the house and the beach.
Her work is so delicate and pretty. I'll show you more sometime!

Obligatory old fishing boat shot

Horrible to walk in, pretty to look at

Slightly... off

Near the bridge
(Painting by Annalisa Leonardo Pedersen)

The house seen  from the street
 (Painting by Annalisa Leonardo Pedersen)

Oh, i hope this weather lasts.
I'm done hoping for actual summer, i just want not-rain and not-cold!


  1. Love these photos and  your watercolors - the idea of watercoloring landscapes sounds so relaxing!

  2. Your mom can come to our paint night whenever she's down. They're lovely paintings. We have talented moms <3

  3.  The watercolors are my mom's... maybe i should make that clearer in the text!

  4.  I'll let her know :)