Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bits and squirrels

In case you hadn't noticed, the cold is really getting to me.
The cold, the wind, the grey, the not wearing shorts and cute little summer dresses like i'm supposed to.
Being miserable about the lack of summer also has a tendency to make all my other problems seems even bigger than they (probably) are, so that's great too.
Despite all that, i'm staying busy. And when i'm busy, i'm usually happy.

 Yesterday at work, wearing a summer dress, yes, but paired with really thick tights and a sweater

Tiny acrylic painting i'm working on at home

Today, a neighbors indoor cat had it's first backyard experience, but all it really wanted to do was visit me and Lucifer in the office

Small woodland piece i made today, it's a present

I finally figured out what to wear to the costume party, and since i ordered part of the outfit from an eBay seller in the UK, it should get here on time.
But for some reason, even though i decided on a different look, i still have a leopard catsuit on my "watching" list... part of me, a dark part obviously, must really want to own one.

Speaking of eBay, there's about a day left on my auctions.
Most of them have bids, so i'm pretty pleased so far, and i think i'll try to list a few more things before we go away next week.
Click here to see what's for sale if you haven't already. That black dress still has the tags on and everything!


  1. Omg your painting is coming on great she's so cute. I've been thinking of what to do next (even though I feel I need to add more to my Blythe but I've hit a brick wall so I may leave for now) but not sure who I'm going to do it haha. That woodland hat is gorgeous <3 the colours work so well. whoever it's for is very lucky. Squirrels are awesome.

  2. Ailuropoda MelanoleucaJuly 21, 2012 at 11:56 AM

    I'm a winter-girl but you're right, it has been too cold for too long. Copenhagen needs sunshine.
    + I'm excited to see your costume!

  3.  Thanks! Squirrels are indeed awesome. Maybe you should paint one?

  4. WAY too cold! I like winter too, but we need balance. Cold and grey all year round just isn't good enough. But hey, it's sunny today at least!