Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I was gonna start this post with an apology, it has after all been... an embarrassing number of days, but then i realized that there's a chance you haven't noticed my absence, so instead i'll start with a "hey, how are ya?"

I've been in Berlin for a few days. Yes, again.
We had some days off and decided to go visit Sarah and enjoy the brief, but fantastic, European summer.
5 days is what we got this time around, but they were good ones!
We hung out, walked lots, ate ice cream every day and just enjoyed not doing a whole lot.
Lucifer seemed to like being back, and he and the cats got along pretty darn well this time!
Or maybe it was just too hot for them to be bothered by their odd looking cousin?
Either way, they were very sweet.

Here are some pictures from the phone, just until i get the real ones developed.

 Seagulls begging for food on the ferry

This guy got hand fed by some tourists (next time, i'll remember to pack bread too!)

Lucifer, champion traveler 

 Arrived at Sarah's gorgeous new studio in 30c weather... aahh...

Pizza's followed by ice cream and mosquito bites by the river

Berlin balconies are the best in the world

Yeah, i'm a little obsessed

This is Josh, he's my Berlin bike (and the bag was a birthday present from sweet Sarah)

Allan and Lucifer rode in style too

 We went swimming in a forest lake

 Yup, that's me in a bathing suit, for the first time this year!

I never get tired of these

Coming soon

The hood

Favorite Berliner!


Blurry Denmark, passing by

And from the insta-files
(1. Sorry, i can't get enough of those seagulls 2. Lucifer at the Black Mirror Parlor 3. Actually dressed for summer! 4. Lucifer being watched, carefully 5. Cute puppy 6. Krumme Lanke, perfect for bathing and for being naked, apparently 7. A couple of dorks 8. Tired of the heat 9. A functioning and diverse looking metro... 'nuff said)

Since we got back on Saturday night, we've been on a redecorating rampage in our bedroom.
We took apart our bed and closet and put them up for sale (they're in the basement for now).
We assembled my grandfathers closet, which has been standing around the apartment in pieces since he died a year ago. We're now sleeping on the mattress in a much nicer, roomier bedroom.
Assembling the closet doesn't mean i've given up on moving. It just means i've decided to wait in style. And slowly prepare.
The cleaning out of my wardrobe is also going pretty well. 
I'm eBaying every week, and even selling some stuff too! And whatever doesn't sell, has to go. 
Stern, stern but fair.
Click here to see what's for sale this week.


  1. Well I'd noticed. I love you blog updates :)

    I've totally neglected my blog... But I really don't think people notice haha

    Berlin looks beautiful

  2. Flotte magiske billeder babe!!! Også selvom de ikke er fra dit magiske Canon kamera! Loooove!

  3.  Berlin is beautiful. At least i think so.

  4.  Elsker dig, du er sødest!!

  5. Balconies in Berlin sounds wonderful.





  6. Those balconies are amazing, I wish they were that nice over here. Also, I'm very jealous of your cute hat wearing abilities.