Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I was gonna start this post with an apology, it has after all been... an embarrassing number of days, but then i realized that there's a chance you haven't noticed my absence, so instead i'll start with a "hey, how are ya?"

I've been in Berlin for a few days. Yes, again.
We had some days off and decided to go visit Sarah and enjoy the brief, but fantastic, European summer.
5 days is what we got this time around, but they were good ones!
We hung out, walked lots, ate ice cream every day and just enjoyed not doing a whole lot.
Lucifer seemed to like being back, and he and the cats got along pretty darn well this time!
Or maybe it was just too hot for them to be bothered by their odd looking cousin?
Either way, they were very sweet.

Here are some pictures from the phone, just until i get the real ones developed.

 Seagulls begging for food on the ferry

This guy got hand fed by some tourists (next time, i'll remember to pack bread too!)

Lucifer, champion traveler 

 Arrived at Sarah's gorgeous new studio in 30c weather... aahh...

Pizza's followed by ice cream and mosquito bites by the river

Berlin balconies are the best in the world

Yeah, i'm a little obsessed

This is Josh, he's my Berlin bike (and the bag was a birthday present from sweet Sarah)

Allan and Lucifer rode in style too

 We went swimming in a forest lake

 Yup, that's me in a bathing suit, for the first time this year!

I never get tired of these

Coming soon

The hood

Favorite Berliner!


Blurry Denmark, passing by

And from the insta-files
(1. Sorry, i can't get enough of those seagulls 2. Lucifer at the Black Mirror Parlor 3. Actually dressed for summer! 4. Lucifer being watched, carefully 5. Cute puppy 6. Krumme Lanke, perfect for bathing and for being naked, apparently 7. A couple of dorks 8. Tired of the heat 9. A functioning and diverse looking metro... 'nuff said)

Since we got back on Saturday night, we've been on a redecorating rampage in our bedroom.
We took apart our bed and closet and put them up for sale (they're in the basement for now).
We assembled my grandfathers closet, which has been standing around the apartment in pieces since he died a year ago. We're now sleeping on the mattress in a much nicer, roomier bedroom.
Assembling the closet doesn't mean i've given up on moving. It just means i've decided to wait in style. And slowly prepare.
The cleaning out of my wardrobe is also going pretty well. 
I'm eBaying every week, and even selling some stuff too! And whatever doesn't sell, has to go. 
Stern, stern but fair.
Click here to see what's for sale this week.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Brighter days

Oh, i have had the best Saturday and it's not even over yet.
The sun is shining for once and while we sat outside the coffee shop, it started getting warmer too. Yay!

I've been to the post office to ship out eBay orders, and i've been in the city on bike, shopping with Allan and Lucifer. 
I got a pair of flat sandals, cause it looks like the weather is improving.
I got a weekend bag, cause i'm gonna need one next week.
I got 4 seasons of Stargate SG-1, cause i'm gonna be home alone tonight... and other nights too, i'm sure!
Allan got some photo gear and we both got pizza slices.
And we visited some friends and ran into other ones.
Oh, and we had milkshakes. Let's not forget the milkshakes!

Here's what i think might be the last of my Bisserup roll.
Maybe. There might be one more post hiding out in my drafts somewhere, i can't be sure.
I've spiced up the post with a few of my mom's wonderful watercolors from the house and the beach.
Her work is so delicate and pretty. I'll show you more sometime!

Obligatory old fishing boat shot

Horrible to walk in, pretty to look at

Slightly... off

Near the bridge
(Painting by Annalisa Leonardo Pedersen)

The house seen  from the street
 (Painting by Annalisa Leonardo Pedersen)

Oh, i hope this weather lasts.
I'm done hoping for actual summer, i just want not-rain and not-cold!

Conspiracy spam

I don't often post shop related stuff on this blog, other than the occasional "here's what i did today" rant, even though most of my waking hours are spent there. But i just wanted to let my readers, mostly the Scandinavian ones, know that we will be having a few guest artists visiting us in August, and that i think you should get tattooed by one of them. Or all of them, if you want to, i'm not gonna stop you!
See the flyer below, and get more info over on my shop blog!
Shop rant over, back to normal posting!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bits and squirrels

In case you hadn't noticed, the cold is really getting to me.
The cold, the wind, the grey, the not wearing shorts and cute little summer dresses like i'm supposed to.
Being miserable about the lack of summer also has a tendency to make all my other problems seems even bigger than they (probably) are, so that's great too.
Despite all that, i'm staying busy. And when i'm busy, i'm usually happy.

 Yesterday at work, wearing a summer dress, yes, but paired with really thick tights and a sweater

Tiny acrylic painting i'm working on at home

Today, a neighbors indoor cat had it's first backyard experience, but all it really wanted to do was visit me and Lucifer in the office

Small woodland piece i made today, it's a present

I finally figured out what to wear to the costume party, and since i ordered part of the outfit from an eBay seller in the UK, it should get here on time.
But for some reason, even though i decided on a different look, i still have a leopard catsuit on my "watching" list... part of me, a dark part obviously, must really want to own one.

Speaking of eBay, there's about a day left on my auctions.
Most of them have bids, so i'm pretty pleased so far, and i think i'll try to list a few more things before we go away next week.
Click here to see what's for sale if you haven't already. That black dress still has the tags on and everything!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

On a boat

I was hoping that our summer vacation  would look something like this, but as it turns out, there is no summer, and we have very little time off.
Oh, and there are people living in our summer house, so that's out of the question anyway.

We did have a couple of decent days when we were in Bisserup last, but it just doesn't count as summer unless you can go swimming without freezing your ass off. Not in my book anyway.

But it looks warm, doesn't it?
At least there's that.

Bisserup Strand

Masumi in the garden

More beach

Everything is better with dogs

Sand Island

Speed demon

I love sailing when the water is completely still like this.
The slightest wind and i need motion sickness meds, though.

We have a fun little trip planned for next week, more about that soon.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

A day on Nørrebro

Today we had a late breakfast at Young and Rabu's place.
It was delicious and i love visiting their awesome apartment, and lively, un-Copenhagen-like street.
After breakfast we went for a walk through the cemetery.
We ended up at the shop, that was our plan all along, where Allan locked himself in the photo lab with Bruce Springsteen, while i did some major cleaning, organizing and redecorating.
Much needed.
I also painted for a little while in the drawing room, with Lucifer and Billie Holiday for company.

I loved the shop today.
Which means i loathed coming home to my apartment on Vesterbro.
I don't know why, but it seems i can only like one of my homes at any given time, never both.
Kind of... unpractical, but that's how it is.

Tomorrow we're going to one of the bigger indoor flea markets cause Allan needs... well, he needs stuff, that's all i can say for now.
Me, i'm gonna try my best not to buy anything.
I am after all trying to get rid of crap, not hoard more of it.
Yeah right, good luck with that, me.

I didn't bring my camera today, cause the film i have in it at the moment prefers sunny weather.
Which means, considering the weather, that i'll never get to finish it, i guess!

We were supposed to babysit Masumi again today, but her mom decided to bring her along with her anyway... good thing Lucifer doesn't know about this!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mid week Sunday

Two unexpected days off in a row is pretty much the best thing ever.
And much needed, might i say, after being apart for an extended weekend.
We've been out walking, hanging with friends, drawing (me) and working on the computer (him).
But that's ok, he recently bought a laptop, so for once we're actually in the same room. Damn nice.

Right now we're listening to records.
Later we might play xbox.
It almost makes me forget about non-summer and cold and rain.

Here's some more from my latest film, all from either Vesterbro or the shop.

Gorgeous husband looking gorgeous

 Tomato plant that has gotten three tiny tomatoes since i took this
From Allan's birthday, after the Steve McCurry exhibition

Lucifer in my office

Preparing for witch night

My lovely flower/herb box that i got from my parents, inspired by this one


I listed a few things on eBay today (click here to see what).
It's been years since i've used eBay for selling, so i figured it was about time i tried it again, as etsy is only for handmade and vintage, and some of the used clothes i have aren't vintage-old.
Also, i like the auction format, it's fun.
I'll be putting up more later and tomorrow too, so check back!

Wardrobe malfunctions

We're about a month away from the next Copenhagen Burlesque party, and i think it's probably about time i start planning.
As usual i am all over eBay, looking at outfits that my body should in no way leave the house in (catsuits... i look at catsuits... i don't even...), but i still have no clue what to wear.
However, i think i'll try to go for something a little less burlesque-y, and a little more insane-y looking this time.
So no fancy hats, i think. Although i do love an excuse to wear a hat, and of course make one!

Don't worry, i won't ask you to come up with ideas for me...
But if you have one, you know where the comments section is!

 Previous events... i wish i'd had my Lita's for the February event, dammit!

Maybe i'll try to get inspired by my current j-pop obsession, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu?
Cause seriously, she's so awesome.

I even have a wig that would work...

And hey, my cake hat could totally work for this look!
Ok, i'll think on it some more.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


For Allan's birthday on the 25th of June, he wanted a cake.
It was the least i could do, especially considering the weird-ass presents i got him.
And i actually like making birthday cakes. Probably because they don't involve actually baking anything.

It was good... the next day it was REAL good

More analog goodness coming up soon, i just got a film developed.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Last Japan

I went to work today, cause i felt pretty good this morning, but the shop is drafty and i started to feel like my cold was getting worse, so i ended up leaving early.
Not completely sure i'll be going in tomorrow at all.
Most of my work can be done on my laptop at home anyway, and faster too, since my nails are now too long to type on the raised mac keyboard!

Copenhagen is so miserable today.
We Danes have been joking about getting another year with no summer, but i don't think any of us actually believed it would happen.
Oh, it's happening alright.

Here's Japan. Japan is nice and better. Even when it rains.
We've been over this before, but i'll say it again. Better.

Anti nuclear parade in Kōenji (on this day)


Rain and sun across from a favorite shopping spot


From our apartment

Shabby kitty

Beautiful evening light

Old street, always so pretty

I'm making a painting that is not turning out the way i wanted it to.
They rarely do, but some are worse than others.
Why is it so hard to paint what's already right there in your head?
I hate not being good at stuff. Hate it.