Monday, June 11, 2012

Berliner adventures part one

Oh hey guys!
I got back from Berlin late last night and was in no mood to blog.
Oh yeah, i guess i didn't really tell you i was going to Berlin, did i? 
Well, it was just a quick weekend trip to do some sightseeing and hang with our friend Sarah, but it was an enjoyable weekend for sure!

We took the train down Thursday afternoon and arrived in Berlin around 11 at night. We had a brief stopover in Hamburg where we got to see our friends Sascha and Anki for a quick slice of pizza and some hugs at the station. Total bonus and another reason for taking the train.*

In Berlin we stayed at Sarah's super cozy apartment, complete with Berlin's best coffee and two adorable cats. In case you're wondering; yes, Lucifer was terrified of them and they slapped him around quite a bit! No claws, though, they are gentlemen after all, not thugs.
We spent our weekend sightseeing, walking around Kreuzberg, eating good food, catching up with Sarah, watching Star Trek Enterprise on the couch, going to flea markets and yeah, just having a wonderful time in weather that was a lot more summer-like than what Denmark has to offer these days.
And Lucifer was with us everywhere. Being able to bring your dog inside café's, super markets, you name it, has got to be my favorite thing about Berlin.

I will tell you more when i have my analog pictures back (another great thing; taking pictures again!), cause right now i am as Monday-tired as you can only be on a Monday and i need to Trek the hell out on the couch.
Please to enjoy my crappy iPhone pictures in the meantime.

Lucifer on the train, eating a bone and generally being a pretty good boy


Dog hiding in window from kitten...

 Breakfast spot

Oh the drama!

Mmmm, frozen yogurt with amazing toppings

Favorite thing about Berlin part two: undeveloped land turned into parks... by people, not politicians

Having a quiet moment by the river

Favorite thing about Berlin part three: trees, trees and flowers EVERYWHERE!

Giant football screen tried to photobomb me, but i got my shot

From the instamagrams!
(1. First night, Lucifer on high alert 2. First morning, i had to wear my kangaroo while cooking breakfast cause the kitties were on the prowl 3. Walk in a park, meet a goat 4. Pretty bike basket 5. Decaf in the morning... i miss Sarah's coffee machine already! 6. Walking in Mitte 7. Rainbow! 8. Batman 9. Squeakers 10. Flea market 11. I bought a non-vintage jacket, a bag named Picard and an old East German postcard 12. The train ride home was pretty fucking awful, but the ferry wasn't too bad)

Man, i left the blog for longer than i thought, and rather abruptly too.
Sorry about that!
I haven't forgotten about the anxiety post, writing it in my head every day, as a matter of fact.
I'll get back to regular posting soon, i suppose i just needed to take a little break.
You understand, cause you're awesome and all that.

*Sometimes you're just not in the mood for all the security hassle of an airport, and trains are easier with a dog anyway.


  1. Glad to hear that you had a good time.  I'm ashamed to say that I've never been to Berlin but I've only ever heard good things about the place.  I best start saving the pennies...

    And that photo of Lucifer framed in the window, awesome!  He's such a good-looking boy :-)

  2.  He is so handsome indeed!
    Today an old lady gave me the "sorry my dog doesn't wanna play with yours, he's really old" speech... turned out they were the same exact age. Lucifer, puppy for life!
    I highly recommend Berlin, it's a pretty special place!