Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tsukishima and Hoco

I'm coming dangerously close to having 500 followers via that google thing (cue at least two people unfollowing, just because), and i always said i'd make a contest of sorts when that happened, so i better get working on that.
I say contest cause i don't particularly like give-aways, and i don't wanna do one of those, but i'm unsure of what else to call it?
Anyway, when it happens, don't tweet or blog about it, whatever happens it'll be for the readers (google registered or not) of this blog to enjoy and not a bunch of randoms who just came by for the free shit!
Any ideas, let me know in the comments!
Whenever i'm in Japan, i always try too meet up with my buddy Ai.
Most of the time, i succeed, and sometimes we even go visit fun and interesting places together!
This time, i was lucky cause she was going through Tokyo on her way to visit relatives, so we were able to go out for some lunch together.
I suggested an area i'd never visited before, famous for their monjayaki, a dish me and Allan had never eaten before, and Ai was game.
We even had time to eat some delicious cake at Hoco in Ebisu, where i hadn't been since going there with Ai in... maybe 2008?
The cake was still great, i'm happy to report!

Always chasing cats with our cameras

Monjayaki... super runny and pretty difficult to eat, but delicious nonetheless

Outside a restaurant in Tsukishima

On the Yamanote line

Hoco, their interior is the best

My 1 plate set (Allan and Ai went all the way with two plates)

Cute sign got me thinking, maybe someday i'll be able to read all of these and they won't be as cute anymore? Well, for now, they are!

I have taken two pictures with my Canon since i came back from Japan.
Yes, two, i think.
At this rate i'll never finish that film, or start a new one for that matter.
Copenhagen, while pleasantly summer-like, does not make me want to take pictures as much, or all all.
Also, i almost always have a leash in my hand and a dog pulling the other end of it, and that's not helping either!
I hope maybe something will happen this weekend, something that'll inspire me to pick up my poor neglected camera again. It needs that, and frankly, so do i.


  1. How about one of your fabulous paintings for a 'contest' :0)

  2. Skønne billeder! De har en helt anden stemning end kbhs gader. 
    No idea til konkurrence, men vil give dig ret i at det klart er federe end give away! 

  3. I love that Yamanote line shot and I second Claire's suggestion!

  4. Der er bare et eller andet ved de der giva-aways  jeg ikke kan tåle. Det virker som en billig måde at få nye followers eller sponsorer på, og det er jeg bare ikke nede med. Og så er det en af de der "det skal man hvis man har en blog" ting, og det kan jeg heller ikke med. Husets venner, derimod, helt sikkert!
    Jeg tog to billeder i dag, så det går fremad... ish.

  5.  Ok, but we'll somehow have to rig it so you win, cause you (and Kate) are probably the only ones who'd be interested in that!

  6.  Ja, København er sgu sværere end Tokyo, der har jeg aldrig problemer med at finde et motive eller tre...

  7.  Thanks, i'm glad you like it, cause, well, i know you know :)

  8. Haha hell yeah!!!! I'd love that! Haha!

    Oh and for the record I bet everyone would love one of your paintings! They are awesome!

  9. I find it so great how your photographs get better and better so quickly!

  10. I like that idea, not telling anyone about the giveaway! :) 

  11. i feel like i always leave the same comment, but i love your travel photos so much, and i especially love that you post so many! and i want to eat that Monjayaki.

  12. Keeping it in the tiny blog family!

  13.  The monja was good, but i feel that okonomiyaki is just way easier to eat (and find!)