Saturday, May 5, 2012

Tokyo tourist

Going home in just a few days seems so surreal to me, and i still have a friggin cold, but other than that, things are pretty great!

Last night was the opening party for the new Inkrat (same guys, new location) and today the sun came back.

I spent the day chasing a pair of pants (perfect, perfect pants) all over town, but had no luck finding them in my size. Me and the rest of the girls in this city think too much alike when it comes to pants, apparently.
Well, i did a bunch of shopping anyway, cause... i didn't feel like i had enough crap to fit in my suitcase already?
At least i didn't buy shoes... yet.

Here are some Tokyo pictures from last week after we came back from Hiroshima, and our friend Jacob came to visit.
Yes, after coming to Japan for 8 years, and not having a single friend or family member pop by in all that time, someone actually came!
We got to show him some of our favorite Tokyo places, made him eat all of our favorite foods, and because our apartment is huge (Tokyo-huge, that is) he could stay in our tatami room.
More people should come see us, we're pretty great at this whole tour guide thing!

Angry shiba who barked at me... obviously a weirdo cause dogs usually love me here

Rainy day on Takeshita Dori

Nakano cat had company!

Ikebukuro Gyoza Stadium with Toshi

Allan said "cut" to this one because of the yellowness and maybe he was right

Grrr, tiger-car?

Festival day in Koenji, don't feed our pigeons, please!

Balcony and happy toes

Little blue mail box

Golden Gai in the daytime and a happy Dane

Golden Gai kitty

One more Golden Gai picture that i probably should have cut too, but i just love these little streets

I almost didn't take any pictures while out shopping today.
It's like i have three settings when i'm here: shopping, documenting and exploring, and only exploring allows me to shop and take pictures at the same time!
But i did get what's hopefully an even better shiba picture than the one in this post, and one good shiba picture is worth a thousand sunset or food pictures, in my opinion!


  1. the shiba pictures are killing me! are they really popular in japan? i guess the must be. I can only remember ever seeing one here in tennessee.

  2. I love that dog!  Hilarious face!

  3. Når jeg får taget mig sammen og kommer til Tokyo, bliver det jo nødt til at være mens i er der, så jeg kan få tips og tricks!

  4. Shiba's are crazy.  Even Japanese people think they are loyal idiots but they sure are cute.  
    Love those Golden Gai pictures!

  5.  Yeah, they're a Japanese breed, so there are quite a few of them here. We don't see many in Denmark either.

  6.  So cute, but too much attitude!

  7.  Yeah, apparently they're super hard to train too. I'll stick to admiring them from a distance, i think!

  8. That pigeon on the sign has some attitude, huh? "NO"

  9. I wonder is Shiba's are assholes over here? I Neeeeeed one! Maybe I could get a lovely Japanese one sent over here??

  10.  Yeah, he's all "your stale bread ain't good enough for me"!

  11.  I think they're generally just difficult dogs. Like dachshunds, i imagine?