Saturday, May 12, 2012

Let's pretend a little longer

So i apparently have some kind of throat infection, and not just a cold.
I did suspect as much,which is why i went to see a doctor on Friday.
I say a doctor and not my doctor, because i just got a new one, much to my surprise and against my will. But the clinic we go to closed and a new one was assigned to us, so there wasn't much we could do. But while i was very skeptical, i must admit new guy seemed both very nice and competent.
It's hard though, before our previous doctor, i'd only ever had really terrible doctors, and i really trusted our guy, which is so rare.

Anyway, throat thing is what's going on, but he told me to basically just chill, take it easy and see if it passes on its own. It sucks, cause i cough so much i can barely sleep, but on the other hand, i'm happy to try and avoid unnecessary antibiotic treatments, and i'm glad the doctor isn't the type to prescribe penicillin at the slightest sign of infection.
So i'm gonna be taking it as easy as possible this weekend, and hopefully this shit will just quietly disappear, and i'll go back to sounding more like myself and less like Marge Simpson with a drinking problem.

In other miserable news, i absolutely hate being back.
I had such a sad day yesterday, with just a bunch of little things going wrong. I felt jinxed.
And being in Copenhagen is making me uncomfortable on a whole new level.
Maybe it just means that we've had a really great trip (i knew that), and come summer we'll have adapted? I hope so.

Here are some pictures from, you guessed it, Tokyo!!
Yes, happier times. I may be back but my blog can stay in Japan a little longer, right?

Extra hot day in Yoyogi Koen with Allan and Jacob

Allan with our Japanese teacher Lindsay in our Koenji kitchen... if school had been half as fun as this, we might not have been in such a hurry to get out!

No, we don't speak Japanese quite yet, but we've made more progress than ever before thanks to that brilliant girl

At Inkrat's opening party... Allan spent a fortune on a bouquet, Japanese style!

Low clouds in Shinjuku

We spent the entire morning cleaning and tidying the apartment, and that always makes me feel a little better about this place. I really, really like my stuff, it's just the apartment i can't stand anymore. It's weird.
We have company coming later, though, and i don't even know how many people will be sleeping in our living room tonight, so we'll see how long it lasts... maybe i'll end up having to clean all over again on Monday!

I made Japanese comfort food for dinner last night, and then we watched Game of Thrones.
If Allan wasn't going to a show tonight i'd do the same thing all over.
Instead, maybe i'll re-watch  some favorite Trek episodes. Yes, some sci-fi will be good for my soul.


  1. Ouch, a throat infection sounds terrible! I think it's a really good sign that your doctor didn't just immediately prescribe drugs. He's not just a money grubber and sounds like he knows a thing or two. There are no available 'family' doctors in Victoria right now, I haven't had one in years. Shitty, hey? I just have to walk into a clinic and hope for the best if I'm sick.

  2. That's awful. Having a family doctor you can trust is so important. Here there are always doctors that take new patients, but they're not always the best one, you know? But yeah, this guy was young and chatty and didn't go straight for the drugs! I like that.

  3. I haven't had a good doctor in over 10 years and I do not trust Japanese doctors at all.  They give you drugs you don't need and then take oodles of cash for the privilege (that's how I see it anyway especially as a Brit where our medical care is FREE).  Don't get me started on dentists either...

    Take care and get well soon!  If there was anyway I could send you boxes of mochi and green tea macaroons to cheer you up I would!! 

  4. It took me years to find a doctor I liked (I spent NINE YEARS being told I was "too young" for a condition I clearly had - she was the first one to take it seriously); I'm terrified of the day she moves surgeries.

    I hope your throat clears up soon. Try putting spoonfuls of honey in all your hot drinks - it's disgustingly sweet but it really helps soothe the pain.

  5. I can totally sympathise on the whole doctor issue! In the UK they only give you a 10 minute appointment and are always running late so there's barely enough time to sit down! It's been years since I had an actual doctor I'd see every time and so got to know :( I have the same problem with dentists too!
    Hope you feel better soon, throat infections are the worst x

  6. Aw, I'm sorry you don't feel at home in your place, I can totally empathise, our neighbours have ruined our lovely little house for us so we're selling and *trying* to move. I hope you can find somewhere to lay a happy head. I also have a throat nfection! And after 10 years of avoiding having my tonsils out, I've just now decided to go for it. I'm scared (what a wimp!) xxx

  7. I love it when doctors don't just jump to the prescription pad and try to actually advise and HELP you instead. And I'm sorry you aren't feeling well... the lingering cough is the worst; I have one myself right now. It's very annoying! I actually went to the dentist on Thursday and they sent me home because every time they put the chair down to clean my teeth, I started coughing, ha. Embarrassing.

    Do you know what that oval building in the last picture is? It reminds me of the gherkin building in London.

  8. hi there, i just stumbled across your blog when i was looking for some directions to a flea market in tokyo! yours were the best thanks so much, am really enjoying reading your tokyo stories i am here in tokyo for a month so it's nice to hear what others get up to and where to go check out. thanks and sweet shots! amanda

  9. my blog is: if you are keen to check out some of my japan pics too

  10. Sorry to hear you're feeling poorly, that sucks :( Hope your Cph blues pass soon too! I can imagine never wanting to return home from Japan!

  11.  Mmmm, green tea macarons would be the best!!

  12.  I am going nuts with the honey, almost spent an entire jar this week! I'm getting fat, but not well, haha!

  13.  Dentists here are easy to get a relationship with cause you pay to see them! When it comes to free care, that's another story. Those 10 minutes aren't far off...

  14. It does look like that building! Someone once told me this was a design school of some kind, but i don't know for sure.

    My old doctor was so great. The new guy seems fine too, but i still want the old one back!

  15. Thanks, enjoy Tokyo!

  16. That's the prob lem with Japan, it's too damn awesome!