Sunday, May 6, 2012

Koenji, Shinjuku and a few Daikanyama randoms

The day before last.
I've been having a pretty mellow and yet super eventful day. It's funny how crazy stuff always happens when i stay home in my hood!
I also started packing today, cause we have a lot of stuff. So much that we'll probably need to ship a box home this time. It's all good, and in some cases even useful stuff, so i don't feel too bad about it.
So yeah, tonight we need to go to the garbage room and see if we can find a box that doesn't smell like fish!
Here are some pictures from a few weeks back. 
Some from a day off with Allan, and some from a day off with the Inkrat guys, where we went to this fashion thing in a fancy part of town.
Going to those areas really make me appreciate how stress free my Tokyo experience is. It really is all about where you settle down, isn't it?

 Local cemetery

 Buckets outside the cemetery

 Where we play Taiko no Tatsujin

A rather filthy little place in Shinjuku

 Alley izakaya

 Look up, it's always a mess

Me too...

We like to walk on the west side, look at skyscrapers, and photograph each others feet

Small shrine in Shinjuku

 Same place, cranes

Daikanyama Starbucks allows both dogs in bags, people of both sexes and handicapped persons... how, uhm, nice of them?

Matcha latte and matcha macaron... matcha madness!

Ok, that was kind of a boring post, wasn't it?
I've gotten too used to posting animals and nature, i think.
I do actually have a film at the store (when don't i these days?) that was ready to be picked up about an hour ago, so maybe it'll be a two post kind of day?
Probably not, to be realistic, but i hope i'll have a time to post a few tomorrow night, if any of them turn out good!
If i'm lucky, it'll be a good animal film this time, and you know how i love those.


  1. those long chains of paper cranes are really beautiful! 

  2. I love the "I hate rain" girl.  Cute!

  3. I tried to make a paper crane with that paper you sent me and I got so frustrated, I totally messed the first one up and the second one I just quit halfway through, hahaha. I'll try again soon because I'm determined to do it. 

  4. Macha macaroons are to die for!  Have you tried the Hojicha latte?  Yuuuuuum!!

  5.  Yeah, i love those too!

  6.  It's an "i hate nuclear rain" girl actually. Still cute, but less innocent, i guess!

  7.  I found a really good tutorial on youtube, try that!

  8. No, i didn't try that, and i forgot to take home a couple of the macarons. Damn. So good!