Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Copenhagen is so lovely these days, it makes me wish i had something to show for it.
Today we had an unexpected day off, as a client got sick, so we slept in, had coffee at the café, and then went to the park.
We lounged on a blanket in the sun for a while, then we rode Allan's bike through town (me and Lucifer in front), ran into some people, did a bit of shopping, and now, we just finished eating a healthy dinner in the back yard.
Weather like this makes me almost like my city. Almost.
Not enough to take pictures, though. Well, apart from instagram anyway.
So as usual, ranting about Copenhagen, followed by pictures from Japan.
It's basically the theme of my blog, by now!

Our day in Hiroshima was kind of weird.
We'd started our day by being sick in Miyajima (mostly me), and while i felt better when we arrived in the city again, i was still a little shaky and queasy.
So what better time to visit the Peace Memorial Museum, right?
Ok, so not the best timing ever, but i'm still glad we went.

First things first. We took the tram from the station to the park. I love a city with trams, or streetcars as they were called here. We chatted with another tourist on the way there, and outside the park we bought more films for our cameras at a nearby 7-11.
In the park, before going into the museum, we ran into three Allan fans. Yeah, my husband has fans. Like, the shaking-with-excitement kind. They stopped us, and we talked and took pictures with them. It was pretty awesome!

Inside the museum we split up, as i walk fast, read fast, and generally rush through things, while Allan likes to take his time. It was a heavy experience, but educational stuff for sure. I consider myself to be... not a complete dummy, and i come from a country with an ok educational system, but boy was there a lot of information that was news to me. It's worth the time, and the entrance fee is practically symbolic, so if you ever find yourself in that area, go.

We didn't have anything planned after the museum, and we didn't have enough time before the Shinkansen left for Tokyo to really do much, so we just wandered around.
We got lost in a park that turned out to be a mountain, got ripped off by a streetcar chauffeur, wandered around the station trying to find appropriate train snacks that wouldn't make me feel worse, had a break in the sun by the river, and were back in Tokyo before midnight. It was about 27c all day.
Not a bad day at all.

 Not a pretty park, but also, not so much the point

 I met these two outside the museum, before i ran into a bunch of school kids who wanted me to take a survey for their class (and a few of them just wanted to wave and say "hello")

 Walking by the river

 This park was pure hell... man, were we angry at this place, but at least i got one good picture out of the ordeal!

 There were still a few blossoms left

I'm glad you (those of you who commented on my last post) understood my point about the give-away thing. It's not that we're supposed to all hate them now, they're just not gonna happen here.
So a contest it will be, and i think it will be something like a few easy-to-answer* questions about me or this blog, that you can post your answers to in the comments, and i'll pick a few winners with one of them generators that i've seen others use.
Yeah, something like that.
As for what you can win, it'll probably be a mix of handmade stuff, things i've been collecting for you in Japan over the years ( i told you i'd been thinking about this for a while, didn't i?), and rad stuff i'm not using that someone else might like. So too much for one person, i think!
Oh, i love sending packages... this should be fun!

*Easy for readers, that is


  1. I've always wanted to go to Hiroshima...I bet it's really eye-opening.  I feel like we as humans should be required to go to places like Hiroshima/Auschwitz just to try to get a sense of the terrifying things humankind is capable of.

  2.  Yeah, that's how i felt about it too. It's required. It's depressing as hell, but understanding the consequences of something as horrible as dropping an atomic bomb on a city is important, and really the only way to make sure shit like that never happens again. It's a pretty nice city too, so not all depressing! 

  3. Oh, so you went there.  I've been meaning to visit it literally forever, though I'm not so sure if I could take it, considering everything that's been happening around here.

  4. I think Hiroshima is my fave city in Japan. We absolutely loved it there and Miyajima. I hate museums (I know you are not supposed to admit that out loud) but I get bored easily and too impatient to read things. But I thought that museum was really well done (considering the horrific nature of it all). But so educational, I learnt a lot! 

  5. Well, I hope the improvement in the weather and the goings-on in the city (do you also think Copenhagen is a bit schizophrenic in winter/summer?) have improved your mindset about being back.

    I enjoyed catching up on all your experiences and have added Hiroshima to our must-sees for the visit later this year.

    Have a great week!

  6.  Yeah, it's pretty heavy, even without the recent events in mind, so i don't blame you.

  7.  I hear you on the museum thing. I love some, but others are just too boring for me. But this one really is interesting all the way.

  8.  Oh, 100% schizo! You can't plan from one week to the next here, you never know if it's gonna be winter or summer.
    But i'm ok with being back for now :)