Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Full of surprises

Damn, i really wanted to do at least one more post from Japan, but you know how it is.
The last few days are always packed, and when the choice is between enjoying life and writing about it,well, living should always win, shouldn't it?
In any case, i'm back in Denmark now, feeling even sicker than before, and jet lagged too, but i've got a warm little dog on my lap, and a chai by my side, so it's not all bad.
And the next many posts will be about Japan, so it'll be like i'm still there! Almost, kind of...

Here are some pictures from Sunday.

It was still pretty early in the day, and i'd gone out shopping for a few souvenirs, and just walking too, and before i knew it, i found myself heading towards the park. This happens a lot to me, i'm not always in completely control of where i end up.
When i realized where i was going, i picked up an onigiri at a Sunkus and decided to call it a lunch break.
I found a bench at the park and sat down to eat, while a bunch of little kids played in a shallow pool nearby, but i was only about mid-onigiri, when a man with a flippin owl on his arm walked by! An owl!
Well, not without me getting a picture, you don't, is what i thought, and i got my picture. In fact, i got two, just to be on the safe side.
I was gonna stay in the park and hang for a while, but as soon as i'd thanked the owl man, i noticed some very dark clouds, and being without my umbrella, i decided to head home.
But it started raining a lot, and i got caught seeking shelter in a driveway. I figured i'd be stuck there for a while, but then a little old man who was doing some yard work across the street, went inside his house and found an umbrella for me.
People are so good sometimes. It really warmed my heart, and even though it rained, i was smiling the whole way back.
When i dropped off my film by the station (i needed to see how my owl picture had turned out!) it was really starting to pour. Oh, and there was thunder too! Anyway, after i got home, the weather went completely nuts; hurricane-like winds, thunder, friggin hail too. So glad that wasn't the part i got caught in!
Later we found out that there'd been an actual tornado only about 50 km away in Ibaraki, so it would seem that we were the lucky ones.
Anyway, it cleared up and i was able to get back out and down to the shop, where i ran into an anti nuclear demonstration! The picture i took of that is on the next film, though, so that'll have to wait till some other time.

My neighborhood, where the weirdest thing happens even on the most normal of days


At the park there were kids fishing and turtles sunbathing

And then there was this majestic creature... i am the luckiest sometimes!

More Japan postings tomorrow... or maybe even later today, depending on how bored i get!


  1. A man who takes my bus quite often carries an iguana on his shoulders, not quite as cool as an owl but still weird enough for me to take notice. 

  2. Majestic animal ! 

  3. Can I ask what kind of films you used under your Japan stay?  I just bourght the canon AE-1 myself and these pictures are SO good!

  4. The owl is like awesome..... Nearly as awesome as the cute man giving you an umbrella. I love hearing stories like that. I know it sounds silly but it's nice to hear there are actually nice people out there. The world is full of too many selfish b*st*rds!

    Did you go to see Extreme? Or have you mentioned it and i missed you talking about it?

  5. OMG I need a pet owl, what a beauty! 

  6.  Iguana is definitely cool too. We have a parrot guy here in Copenhagen, pretty awesome too!

  7.  Thanks! I used a bunch of different ones, but this one may have been a fuji superia 400. Maybe!

  8.  I did go see them, but i only mentioned it briefly on here, so i should probably write a more detailed description of the concert!