Monday, May 21, 2012

Fog, lifting

Everything is getting a little better each day.
I'm slowly starting to care about work again (i feel awful that i even stopped caring, but there were factors... there are always factors!) and i even seem to hate my apartment less!
I've started painting again, and yesterday we studied a bunch of Japanese. It's like my motivation is back.
And it certainly doesn't hurt that summer arrived yesterday. I so don't thrive in the cold.
Here's hoping it'll stay!

We have a lot of fun stuff planned for the next couple of months, and i feel like summer in Copenhagen might not be as bad as i feared just a few days ago.

I'll write something... more, longer, here soon, but right now, i'm all about season two of Star Trek Original Series, and watching my adorable little dog sleeping next to me.

Yesterday, first day of wear-less-than-three-layers season... look how much Lucifer is sweating!

Yesterday we had dinner at my parents' new Copenhagen home, and today we've been riding around town on Allan's bike, and i had coffee and ice cream. Oh, and i finally cleaned my filthy windows!
Extended weekends are also a good cure for the coming home blues!


  1. It's good to hear that your coming home blues are getting better.  It's horrible not being able to be where you want to.  It sounds like you've got lots of fun things planned for the next few months so yay for distractions!

    I know I've said it before but I love your style! Very 'chilled-out chic' (if that makes any sense), and Lucifer is so pointy and cute!

  2. Yes, distractions is what we need, and it's going to work too... it better! At least until we can get back to Japan.
    I like chilled out chic, if i aspired to have any kind of look, that would be it!