Thursday, May 31, 2012

What... the hell...

So here i was, about to start writing a blog post, complete with instagram round-up (cause that's all i have now that i don't use the Canon every day), and then this happens... i'm out of storage?
I can't upload any more pictures. Blogger wants me to buy more space.
I resize my pictures, so this has never happened to me before in all my years of blogging, and in typical google style, it's hard to find the exact information you need, and there's no one to ask.
Also, i'm too lazy to really start searching on their help sites and forums.
But yeah, i don't know, does it reset every month, or do they seriously expect me to start paying for blogging?
Cause, however much i love it, that's where i draw the line.
Have i really been posting that many pictures?

So no recent pictures, no Denmark pictures, and because of that, no tales of my recent doings, cause i can't without the visual companions.
Luckily i'd already uploaded a bunch of Japan pictures from my phone, but it kinda sucks posting them, when i was finally getting around to writing about current stuff!
And i had stuff to share, you know? Or i had things to rant about, is probably a better way of putting it.

So yeah, if any blogger users know what the deal is with photo storage, please share in the comments.

Here are some pictures from, you guessed it, our trip around Japan!
There's a jump, in case you just wanna skip my phone pictures, and if not, just click the "read more" link!

Uhm, no baby, you can't have my iPhone

Sad shiba

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Copenhagen is so lovely these days, it makes me wish i had something to show for it.
Today we had an unexpected day off, as a client got sick, so we slept in, had coffee at the café, and then went to the park.
We lounged on a blanket in the sun for a while, then we rode Allan's bike through town (me and Lucifer in front), ran into some people, did a bit of shopping, and now, we just finished eating a healthy dinner in the back yard.
Weather like this makes me almost like my city. Almost.
Not enough to take pictures, though. Well, apart from instagram anyway.
So as usual, ranting about Copenhagen, followed by pictures from Japan.
It's basically the theme of my blog, by now!

Our day in Hiroshima was kind of weird.
We'd started our day by being sick in Miyajima (mostly me), and while i felt better when we arrived in the city again, i was still a little shaky and queasy.
So what better time to visit the Peace Memorial Museum, right?
Ok, so not the best timing ever, but i'm still glad we went.

First things first. We took the tram from the station to the park. I love a city with trams, or streetcars as they were called here. We chatted with another tourist on the way there, and outside the park we bought more films for our cameras at a nearby 7-11.
In the park, before going into the museum, we ran into three Allan fans. Yeah, my husband has fans. Like, the shaking-with-excitement kind. They stopped us, and we talked and took pictures with them. It was pretty awesome!

Inside the museum we split up, as i walk fast, read fast, and generally rush through things, while Allan likes to take his time. It was a heavy experience, but educational stuff for sure. I consider myself to be... not a complete dummy, and i come from a country with an ok educational system, but boy was there a lot of information that was news to me. It's worth the time, and the entrance fee is practically symbolic, so if you ever find yourself in that area, go.

We didn't have anything planned after the museum, and we didn't have enough time before the Shinkansen left for Tokyo to really do much, so we just wandered around.
We got lost in a park that turned out to be a mountain, got ripped off by a streetcar chauffeur, wandered around the station trying to find appropriate train snacks that wouldn't make me feel worse, had a break in the sun by the river, and were back in Tokyo before midnight. It was about 27c all day.
Not a bad day at all.

 Not a pretty park, but also, not so much the point

 I met these two outside the museum, before i ran into a bunch of school kids who wanted me to take a survey for their class (and a few of them just wanted to wave and say "hello")

 Walking by the river

 This park was pure hell... man, were we angry at this place, but at least i got one good picture out of the ordeal!

 There were still a few blossoms left

I'm glad you (those of you who commented on my last post) understood my point about the give-away thing. It's not that we're supposed to all hate them now, they're just not gonna happen here.
So a contest it will be, and i think it will be something like a few easy-to-answer* questions about me or this blog, that you can post your answers to in the comments, and i'll pick a few winners with one of them generators that i've seen others use.
Yeah, something like that.
As for what you can win, it'll probably be a mix of handmade stuff, things i've been collecting for you in Japan over the years ( i told you i'd been thinking about this for a while, didn't i?), and rad stuff i'm not using that someone else might like. So too much for one person, i think!
Oh, i love sending packages... this should be fun!

*Easy for readers, that is

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tsukishima and Hoco

I'm coming dangerously close to having 500 followers via that google thing (cue at least two people unfollowing, just because), and i always said i'd make a contest of sorts when that happened, so i better get working on that.
I say contest cause i don't particularly like give-aways, and i don't wanna do one of those, but i'm unsure of what else to call it?
Anyway, when it happens, don't tweet or blog about it, whatever happens it'll be for the readers (google registered or not) of this blog to enjoy and not a bunch of randoms who just came by for the free shit!
Any ideas, let me know in the comments!
Whenever i'm in Japan, i always try too meet up with my buddy Ai.
Most of the time, i succeed, and sometimes we even go visit fun and interesting places together!
This time, i was lucky cause she was going through Tokyo on her way to visit relatives, so we were able to go out for some lunch together.
I suggested an area i'd never visited before, famous for their monjayaki, a dish me and Allan had never eaten before, and Ai was game.
We even had time to eat some delicious cake at Hoco in Ebisu, where i hadn't been since going there with Ai in... maybe 2008?
The cake was still great, i'm happy to report!

Always chasing cats with our cameras

Monjayaki... super runny and pretty difficult to eat, but delicious nonetheless

Outside a restaurant in Tsukishima

On the Yamanote line

Hoco, their interior is the best

My 1 plate set (Allan and Ai went all the way with two plates)

Cute sign got me thinking, maybe someday i'll be able to read all of these and they won't be as cute anymore? Well, for now, they are!

I have taken two pictures with my Canon since i came back from Japan.
Yes, two, i think.
At this rate i'll never finish that film, or start a new one for that matter.
Copenhagen, while pleasantly summer-like, does not make me want to take pictures as much, or all all.
Also, i almost always have a leash in my hand and a dog pulling the other end of it, and that's not helping either!
I hope maybe something will happen this weekend, something that'll inspire me to pick up my poor neglected camera again. It needs that, and frankly, so do i.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Fog, lifting

Everything is getting a little better each day.
I'm slowly starting to care about work again (i feel awful that i even stopped caring, but there were factors... there are always factors!) and i even seem to hate my apartment less!
I've started painting again, and yesterday we studied a bunch of Japanese. It's like my motivation is back.
And it certainly doesn't hurt that summer arrived yesterday. I so don't thrive in the cold.
Here's hoping it'll stay!

We have a lot of fun stuff planned for the next couple of months, and i feel like summer in Copenhagen might not be as bad as i feared just a few days ago.

I'll write something... more, longer, here soon, but right now, i'm all about season two of Star Trek Original Series, and watching my adorable little dog sleeping next to me.

Yesterday, first day of wear-less-than-three-layers season... look how much Lucifer is sweating!

Yesterday we had dinner at my parents' new Copenhagen home, and today we've been riding around town on Allan's bike, and i had coffee and ice cream. Oh, and i finally cleaned my filthy windows!
Extended weekends are also a good cure for the coming home blues!

Thursday, May 17, 2012


It's no secret that getting back from Japan and easing into everyday life is always hard, but some trips are harder to come back from than others.
So i've been sad.
Not depressed or anything, just sad, and i haven't really been able to get back into normal life, and work and everything that comes with it.
This trip changed something inside me, and it can be hard when reality doesn't follow, if that makes any sense.
And i've been sick, of course, and still am, so there's that...

But this weekend actually cheered me up.
Cancer Bats were in town and ended up staying at our place for two days, and it turns out that a visit from friends was just what we needed!
We had such a fun weekend, even though i had to stay home from their show cause of the throat thing, and so chill, above all else.
Brunch was eaten, lots of ice cream too, and we went to the movies (Avengers, so good!) and had movie night on the couch too.
You'd think that having, like, 5 house guests crashing on your floor would be stressful, but it really was the easiest. And Lucifer loved all the attention, of course!
So the solution to post-travel blues is possibly visitors. Preferably many of them. Free tip right there. You're welcome.

I have to go to work tomorrow and actually do work, so wish me luck with that. I'm gonna need it.

Here are some pictures from an afternoon in Tokyo while Jacob was there. We didn't know exactly what to do, so we went to Inokashira Koen. Because, as it turns out, Jacob likes parks too.

In Nakano, outside the camera shop, getting photobombed in the best way

Cute dog, not a big fan of waiting

Not sure when i took this... maybe at Freshness Burger?

At the park where there were tons of people, as usual

Shiba buddy!

Other side of the lake

The same read-aloud-comic-book-guy Allan and Jacob had encountered in Shimokitazawa a few days earlier... he was as good as they'd described!

I snapped this from Stan's instagram... me and my dudes, falling asleep while the rest of the gang watched Captain America*

*To anyone who might be wondering, this is my actual life, like, 89% of the time... oh, and i wasn't asleep at 7 pm, that's just when it was posted!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Let's pretend a little longer

So i apparently have some kind of throat infection, and not just a cold.
I did suspect as much,which is why i went to see a doctor on Friday.
I say a doctor and not my doctor, because i just got a new one, much to my surprise and against my will. But the clinic we go to closed and a new one was assigned to us, so there wasn't much we could do. But while i was very skeptical, i must admit new guy seemed both very nice and competent.
It's hard though, before our previous doctor, i'd only ever had really terrible doctors, and i really trusted our guy, which is so rare.

Anyway, throat thing is what's going on, but he told me to basically just chill, take it easy and see if it passes on its own. It sucks, cause i cough so much i can barely sleep, but on the other hand, i'm happy to try and avoid unnecessary antibiotic treatments, and i'm glad the doctor isn't the type to prescribe penicillin at the slightest sign of infection.
So i'm gonna be taking it as easy as possible this weekend, and hopefully this shit will just quietly disappear, and i'll go back to sounding more like myself and less like Marge Simpson with a drinking problem.

In other miserable news, i absolutely hate being back.
I had such a sad day yesterday, with just a bunch of little things going wrong. I felt jinxed.
And being in Copenhagen is making me uncomfortable on a whole new level.
Maybe it just means that we've had a really great trip (i knew that), and come summer we'll have adapted? I hope so.

Here are some pictures from, you guessed it, Tokyo!!
Yes, happier times. I may be back but my blog can stay in Japan a little longer, right?

Extra hot day in Yoyogi Koen with Allan and Jacob

Allan with our Japanese teacher Lindsay in our Koenji kitchen... if school had been half as fun as this, we might not have been in such a hurry to get out!

No, we don't speak Japanese quite yet, but we've made more progress than ever before thanks to that brilliant girl

At Inkrat's opening party... Allan spent a fortune on a bouquet, Japanese style!

Low clouds in Shinjuku

We spent the entire morning cleaning and tidying the apartment, and that always makes me feel a little better about this place. I really, really like my stuff, it's just the apartment i can't stand anymore. It's weird.
We have company coming later, though, and i don't even know how many people will be sleeping in our living room tonight, so we'll see how long it lasts... maybe i'll end up having to clean all over again on Monday!

I made Japanese comfort food for dinner last night, and then we watched Game of Thrones.
If Allan wasn't going to a show tonight i'd do the same thing all over.
Instead, maybe i'll re-watch  some favorite Trek episodes. Yes, some sci-fi will be good for my soul.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

One Shiba picture to rule them all!

We've been back for two days now, almost, and my cold has just gotten worse.
I cough, a lot, and yesterday i was actually considering going to the doctor.
Today, i'm not so sure. I think i'll wait and see how it feels when i wake up tomorrow.
I generally hate doctors, and i just got a new one (completely against my will, by the way) that i haven't even met yet, and i wanna try to put that off for as long as possible.
At least my voice is slowly coming back to me. On our last night in Japan, it was completely gone, something that my friends seemed to think was hilarious! Yeah, some friends, right?

Here are a few randoms from my day of shopping and walking last... Saturday, i wanna say?
I walked around Shibuya, Harajuku and Shinjuku, looking for a pair of pants that were sold out in black/medium all over town. Too bad, cause they were perfect. I had to do a lot of shopping to make up for not getting those. Not as much as i'd have liked, but still, quite a lot.

Outside Parco in Shibuya

Ok, this is not exactly the best Shiba picture ever, but i'm getting closer!

Shinjuku, i love you

Today is Lucifer's birthday!
We don't do any actual celebrating, cause he's a dog and that would make us weird dog people, but we are gonna make burgers tonight, including a tiny dog burger.
It's a thing we do...
And we're home with him all day, which is his favorite thing in the world.
Ok, a little bit of celebrating, then.
Call us weirdos if you like, i think we're ok with that.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Full of surprises

Damn, i really wanted to do at least one more post from Japan, but you know how it is.
The last few days are always packed, and when the choice is between enjoying life and writing about it,well, living should always win, shouldn't it?
In any case, i'm back in Denmark now, feeling even sicker than before, and jet lagged too, but i've got a warm little dog on my lap, and a chai by my side, so it's not all bad.
And the next many posts will be about Japan, so it'll be like i'm still there! Almost, kind of...

Here are some pictures from Sunday.

It was still pretty early in the day, and i'd gone out shopping for a few souvenirs, and just walking too, and before i knew it, i found myself heading towards the park. This happens a lot to me, i'm not always in completely control of where i end up.
When i realized where i was going, i picked up an onigiri at a Sunkus and decided to call it a lunch break.
I found a bench at the park and sat down to eat, while a bunch of little kids played in a shallow pool nearby, but i was only about mid-onigiri, when a man with a flippin owl on his arm walked by! An owl!
Well, not without me getting a picture, you don't, is what i thought, and i got my picture. In fact, i got two, just to be on the safe side.
I was gonna stay in the park and hang for a while, but as soon as i'd thanked the owl man, i noticed some very dark clouds, and being without my umbrella, i decided to head home.
But it started raining a lot, and i got caught seeking shelter in a driveway. I figured i'd be stuck there for a while, but then a little old man who was doing some yard work across the street, went inside his house and found an umbrella for me.
People are so good sometimes. It really warmed my heart, and even though it rained, i was smiling the whole way back.
When i dropped off my film by the station (i needed to see how my owl picture had turned out!) it was really starting to pour. Oh, and there was thunder too! Anyway, after i got home, the weather went completely nuts; hurricane-like winds, thunder, friggin hail too. So glad that wasn't the part i got caught in!
Later we found out that there'd been an actual tornado only about 50 km away in Ibaraki, so it would seem that we were the lucky ones.
Anyway, it cleared up and i was able to get back out and down to the shop, where i ran into an anti nuclear demonstration! The picture i took of that is on the next film, though, so that'll have to wait till some other time.

My neighborhood, where the weirdest thing happens even on the most normal of days


At the park there were kids fishing and turtles sunbathing

And then there was this majestic creature... i am the luckiest sometimes!

More Japan postings tomorrow... or maybe even later today, depending on how bored i get!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Koenji, Shinjuku and a few Daikanyama randoms

The day before last.
I've been having a pretty mellow and yet super eventful day. It's funny how crazy stuff always happens when i stay home in my hood!
I also started packing today, cause we have a lot of stuff. So much that we'll probably need to ship a box home this time. It's all good, and in some cases even useful stuff, so i don't feel too bad about it.
So yeah, tonight we need to go to the garbage room and see if we can find a box that doesn't smell like fish!
Here are some pictures from a few weeks back. 
Some from a day off with Allan, and some from a day off with the Inkrat guys, where we went to this fashion thing in a fancy part of town.
Going to those areas really make me appreciate how stress free my Tokyo experience is. It really is all about where you settle down, isn't it?

 Local cemetery

 Buckets outside the cemetery

 Where we play Taiko no Tatsujin

A rather filthy little place in Shinjuku

 Alley izakaya

 Look up, it's always a mess

Me too...

We like to walk on the west side, look at skyscrapers, and photograph each others feet

Small shrine in Shinjuku

 Same place, cranes

Daikanyama Starbucks allows both dogs in bags, people of both sexes and handicapped persons... how, uhm, nice of them?

Matcha latte and matcha macaron... matcha madness!

Ok, that was kind of a boring post, wasn't it?
I've gotten too used to posting animals and nature, i think.
I do actually have a film at the store (when don't i these days?) that was ready to be picked up about an hour ago, so maybe it'll be a two post kind of day?
Probably not, to be realistic, but i hope i'll have a time to post a few tomorrow night, if any of them turn out good!
If i'm lucky, it'll be a good animal film this time, and you know how i love those.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Tokyo tourist

Going home in just a few days seems so surreal to me, and i still have a friggin cold, but other than that, things are pretty great!

Last night was the opening party for the new Inkrat (same guys, new location) and today the sun came back.

I spent the day chasing a pair of pants (perfect, perfect pants) all over town, but had no luck finding them in my size. Me and the rest of the girls in this city think too much alike when it comes to pants, apparently.
Well, i did a bunch of shopping anyway, cause... i didn't feel like i had enough crap to fit in my suitcase already?
At least i didn't buy shoes... yet.

Here are some Tokyo pictures from last week after we came back from Hiroshima, and our friend Jacob came to visit.
Yes, after coming to Japan for 8 years, and not having a single friend or family member pop by in all that time, someone actually came!
We got to show him some of our favorite Tokyo places, made him eat all of our favorite foods, and because our apartment is huge (Tokyo-huge, that is) he could stay in our tatami room.
More people should come see us, we're pretty great at this whole tour guide thing!

Angry shiba who barked at me... obviously a weirdo cause dogs usually love me here

Rainy day on Takeshita Dori

Nakano cat had company!

Ikebukuro Gyoza Stadium with Toshi

Allan said "cut" to this one because of the yellowness and maybe he was right

Grrr, tiger-car?

Festival day in Koenji, don't feed our pigeons, please!

Balcony and happy toes

Little blue mail box

Golden Gai in the daytime and a happy Dane

Golden Gai kitty

One more Golden Gai picture that i probably should have cut too, but i just love these little streets

I almost didn't take any pictures while out shopping today.
It's like i have three settings when i'm here: shopping, documenting and exploring, and only exploring allows me to shop and take pictures at the same time!
But i did get what's hopefully an even better shiba picture than the one in this post, and one good shiba picture is worth a thousand sunset or food pictures, in my opinion!