Monday, April 16, 2012

A walk in Kōenji (part 2)

Pictures from my awesome Wednesday afternoon in the hood.
Read about it here, if you haven't already!

Near our first Kōenji home, where we stayed 8 years ago

A closer look


Coming down the stairs in our building, where i mostly take the elevator, i met this guy... i don't know which of us was most surprised

Lonely board on the path

My all time favorite looks-abandoned house! 
I always stop here and daydream about fixing up the garden...


This was taken while "nice tats" was happening

Still so pretty

Kids playing baseball (i was completely, blissfully lost at this point)

Koi pond in the new park (new to me, not actually new, i'm sure)

Back at the shop, Hata was doing a sweet indian chick*


I all of a sudden feel like i might be blogging too much, but that's crazy talk, right?
Cause i'm sure there's no such thing!

*We talked the guys into joining instagram, at a time when i am seriously thinking about quitting it. Follow them here: @inkrattattoo


  1. It's not too much. I am the manager of the blog quantity control department and I say you are still within normal limits. 

  2.  Oh wow, you have so many jobs! Well, if the department says i'm ok, i'll just keep on blogging. Also, i actually really enjoy blogging these days, so i better take advantage of that while it lasts. I'm sure Denmark is gonna kill it!

  3. I really like the first pic (of course they're all good though :-), Those houses buried in pot plants are so much fun to find.  Sometimes you can find bicycles or what not knotted up in the plants.  I love reading about your walks and trying to recognise the places!
    (also, what's up with instagram ;-P?)

  4. i love that totoro! how cute!
    and seeing all those stickers, i just realized that my artist has a conspiracy sticker in his room! i knew it was familiar and couldn't figure out why!

  5.  Oh, instagram was bought by facebook for one billion dollars, so it's a good bet that facebook (which i am not on and don't wish to be on) will make some changes, both to instagrams platform and to privacy and copyright issues. So if that happens, those of us who don't wanna have a facebook account, and want to continue owning our own puctures, might have to quit :( But obviously i hope it won't come to that!

  6.  Oh, fun, tell him thanks!

  7. Definitely no such thing as blogging too much.  You're blogging interesting and pretty shit, as always, so just go with it! Love your photos!

  8. If anyone should have this job it's Nova.