Monday, April 16, 2012

These days

You know how i hate "and on this day that happened" posts, but i seem to be doing them anyway!?
It's just, when stuff is actually happening, that you wanna share, it's hard not to get all chronological about it. It is for me anyway.
I guess i could squeeze more days into fewer posts, but that offends me too. Although this blog is a total uncategorizable mess, i still have my own sense of order, you know.
Anyway, more short posts about what i was doing last week, coming up, apparently!

Friday was a day of meeting new, but somewhat familiar, people.
Allan was tattooing Kate, who is a reader of this blog, and since i'm always stoked to meet readers and instagram buddies, i went to the shop to hang out with her.
The tattoo she got was amazing, she sat so well, and she's now a member of the "Chrysanthemum-knee-tattoo" club. Yay for that! Oh, and she brought presents and mochi. Yum.

Around 6 i went to the station to meet Lindsay, a friend of a friend who has agreed to try and teach a certain Danish retard and her husband some Japanese.*
I was super nervous, cause i'm generally not great at meeting new people, but i ended up having a great time, as we sat in my kitchen and talked for a few hours about almost everything.
Oh, and there was a pretty big earthquake while we were talking. The smaller ones i don't feel cause i'm still dizzy (yes, still... fuck!), but this one was definitely noticeable.
After that i downloaded an earthquake app.

When i got back to the shop, they'd just finished, so i got to see the final result.
Allan  is doing some seriously amazing tattoos on this trip, and i think Kate's is my favorite.
Click here if you want a peek!

 Friday was warm-ish, until nighttime that is, so i wore this dress i won on eBay recently, but couldn't wear in Denmark for obvious reasons

Kate being a trooper, Allan working his magic

*Yes, posting it on the blog totally worked, thanks Ai!


  1. OW DAMN KNEE TATTOOS!! It looks so so so good though! I don't mind reading day-to-day posts if they're actually interesting like yours are. I hate the ones that are like "I made this for dinner and my kid went to this person's house and we watched this television show the end"

  2. Jeg er SÅ FREAKIN* vild med det knæ, at jeg har vist den til ALLE!!! jeg vil også være med i Knæ-chrysantium(tror det staves sådan?) banden!! DET ER SÅ FLOT!!!!!!!

  3. oh my gosh i have GOT to get my knees! i feel like i'm seeing awesome knee work all over the place lately. that sumo is amazing!

  4.  Yeah, that's never gonna happen here. If nothing interesting happens, i promise to just shut up!

  5.  Jeg tror der er plads til en til i klubben!

  6.  Knees look awesome. So friggin painful though!

  7. Woo that's my knee being abused!  I had a great day, even after my knee had been hammered like that.  Thanks again.  Words cannot explain how much I LOVE my new knee, I don't think I've ever owned anything that's made me smile quite so much.  The only problem now is that at some point I'm going to have to get him a friend done on the other knee and this time I know how much it's gonna hurt :-(

    p.s. did you try the tea?

  8.  I know, that's why i had to get my other knee done too. Dammit! But it does look good.
    I'm saving the tea for Denmark, cause i don't wanna travel with an open bag, and also, i feel like i'll need to detox when i get home!!