Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Shibuya 12/4 2012

From our day off Thursday last week, described in a little more detail here.

I love walking in Tokyo, but after this day, i realized that i need better walking shoes.
Or, just walking shoes, as the boots i'm wearing now don't even count.

Cute van on Cat Street

 Crow in Yoyogi Koen

 Enjoying the sakura snow


 Had my dog been here, i would have probably done that too

Jungle crows are everywhere... this one was oddly cute

There was a guy playing ball with his dog, and i wish i'd gotten better pictures of them, cause it was the cutest thing ever. Seriously, look at him jump! So damn cute...

 Allan checking out Perfume... oh, how we can't wait for their new single to drop!

Classic Shibuya

I hope the headline isn't confusing anyone, that's just how we write dates in Denmark.
Day, month, year.
Personally, i think it makes more sense that way, but i am biased.


  1. We do our dates by day, month, year too. It's the best way! I find myself saying things like "May 19th" instead of "the 19th of May" more and more because of American tv and advertising. Gets stuck in my brain!

    Cute pictures! I like the crow :) Crows are awesome! I haven't listened to Perfume in ages - I really should!x

  2. Ha I was wondering how you were doing posts from the future, since I read that as Dec. 4th 2012. =D

  3. Look at the lens on his camera! Bananas.  Also, that crow is fucking huge. Crows are like, the scariest birds to me because they can be as smart as a four-year-old human and they're gigantic.  I wouldn't want to meet one in a dark alley, is what I'm saying.

    Lovely photos, as always :)

  4.  People generally hates the crows here. There are so many of them, they're like pigeons, only smart and sneaky! But i've gotten used to them by now.

  5.  Haha, no, i'm afraid i'm not that advanced!

  6.  They're crazy big, and they will totally raid your picnic basket if you don't pay attention! If you're scared of crows, you might wanna stay clear of Tokyo, cause they're everywhere!

  7. I love the picture of the couple posing their dog under the tree. I wonder if they have a blog. I always wonder that when I see people taking pictures like that... my favorite is when I'm in a restaurant and I see a table full of people, who ALL take out cameras and start taking pictures of their food when it arrives. 

    "oh, how we can't wait for their new single to drop!"
    ^ ha :)