Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sakura teaser of the day

It's funny, we've been here for just two days, and already i'm guilt-ing myself into thinking i should be doing more. "More" of what and why? Blogging, going on adventures? I don't even know.
My brain has some interesting ideas, but in this case i think it needs to shut the hell up and let me at least get over my jet lag before it starts making demands.

We did "do stuff" yesterday, though. A ton of stuff for a first day, actually.

We slept in, then went to Shinjuku for hanami number one in Shinjuku Gyoen, which was the best we've had in years.
The weather was amazing, and we had a tablecloth to sit on, and a selection of Family Mart foods to eat.
After the park closed, we hit a few shops (my idea, obviously) before going back to Kōenji.
I went home to blog, and do some translation work for my parents (not an easy feat with the brain still dangling 30.000 feet in the air, somewhere between Copenhagen and Tokyo, i tell you) and around 8 pm i went over to the shop to meet all the guys for the second hanami of the day.
We took the train a few stops to go to Inokashira Park (you know, the one with the swan boats and lots of dogs? I've taken you there before!) and met up with Rei's girlfriend who works at a nail salon somewhere in Kichijōji.
 We went to a mall and bough a ton of little dishes to eat, to Starbucks for coffee, and to a kiosk for plastic tarps to sit on and sodas to drink.
We found a good spot in the park, and ate our food in darkness, surrounded by a ceiling of cherry blossoms and hundreds of happy drunk people.
It was our first nighttime hanami, and we've all been talking about doing this for years and years, so it was pretty wonderful to finally make it happen.

After that park closed (we heard the Japanese "get-the-fuck-out-we're-closed" song quite a few times that day) Allan, Hata and me went back to Kōenji to work on the new Ink Rat.
Yes, the shop is moving and there was stuff to sand and paint and jet lag or not, we'd promised to help.
So yeah, we ended up having quite the day, but a great one, nonetheless.

My day today has been less active, hence the guilt-ing, but i have been out to buy some stuff for some people, and do a bit of work on the old computer.
And i have been getting reacquainted with the hood. Not that it's been long, but i still needed to walk around and say hello to a few places!

 It seems as if an extra fuss is bing made over these guys this year, since everyone more or less skipped it last year... but they deserve it

Sunny and warm, with Takashimaya Times Square in the distance

It was almost too hot to sit here, out in the open, but it's kind of our spot, and it was wonderful to be back

Bento, salad, sushi and some great desserts

We walked around the park after eating, taking lots of pictures with various cameras (i'd say i'm over halfway through the first film already, because of those damn cherry blossoms!)

No pictures from our nighttime hanami, cause none of my cameras wanted to take pictures in the dark.
It was so dark, i even ate an accidental shrimp.


  1. It's impossible not to take pictures of cherry blossoms. I overdo it every year. 

  2. Fantastiska bilder. Undrar över den gula marken i 3:e bilden. Har du ändrat den, eller är den så gul?

  3. Gah the sakura are so beautiful! Your photos are fabulous as always.

  4. Here it's like a national hobby too. No one thinks you're weird if you stop whatever you're doing to take a closeup of a particularly nice blossom!

  5.  Farverne er boosted en smule, men græsset er meget vissent, og meget gult i virkeligheden.

  6.  Thanks! I'm looking forward to getting the "real" pictures!